Marketing: Build Bridges to Your Books

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I’ve been writing for nearly two decades and continually spent time networking to build bridges and marketing strategies. We can’t do everything at once but with persistence we can build various platforms. Let me share how the past has been a bridge to recent and upcoming releases.


Inspiration for Writers

This is the Year that God has Made-What Will You Do With It?

Aloha from Karen,

Karen1208    This is a new year still-although the first month will end soon. God has given us
more  time. It’s up to us to use it wisely and make good choices for our writing    and marketing. For me, there will be a new book released next month (102 Wiggly Bible 97810000000009781426708497Rhymes and Rhythms) and that means I’m already doing some new marketing.

With the new year we can reflect on what has been changing and what new trends may be out there in marketing. I’d like to mention a few things I’ve noticed.


Marketing Lessons from the World of Retail

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Tracy (T.L.) Higley here, posting another marketing lesson I’ve learned from my years in online retail sales. As I mentioned in previous months, I’m currently in the midst of an experimental year, applying principles from my retail business to the marketing of my fiction. If you’ve missed earlier posts, and would like a better explanation of my background and what these posts are about, please see Principles #1 through #3 here.

So, on to Principle #4…  Repeated contact through social networks drives sales.