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This is the Year that God has Made-What Will You Do With It?

Aloha from Karen,

Karen1208    This is a new year still-although the first month will end soon. God has given us
more  time. It’s up to us to use it wisely and make good choices for our writing    and marketing. For me, there will be a new book released next month (102 Wiggly Bible 97810000000009781426708497Rhymes and Rhythms) and that means I’m already doing some new marketing.

With the new year we can reflect on what has been changing and what new trends may be out there in marketing. I’d like to mention a few things I’ve noticed.

Hope for Contracts
Last summer at the International Christian Retail Show I noticed editors sounding more interested in taking a look at proposals (after the economic downturn and months of little interest). Other people, including agents, I spoke to noticed this too. A few months later, especially the last quarter of the year my proposals started going to committee and I received two contracts and have other books going to committee or being seriously considered. now .Other friends have also had contracts recently.
That all shows hope for more contracts to come for many writers.

New Creativity Using Technology
A few months I noticed a move to use book trailers in new ways and the first book trailer park set up a virtual park online called      where Linda reviews and post’s author’s book trailers in a fun redneck style.Authos are using their trailers on the book tables (in digital photo frames), as openings before they speak, to show potential conference directors, to advertise their speaking, accompany radio interviews with station’s online websites, and more.

That’s a great reminder that once we invest in marketing we should make the most of it and be creative with it.

Social Networking Continues to Grow

Social networking has grown more and authors are still figuring out ways to use it for promotion. The best way seems to be to engage readers in conversations and build relationships to build a following. Facebook and twitter parties have been a fun way to celebrate a book’s release of milestones. Chatting about the book’s topic to get people interested can help get a buzz going. And many authors have been setting up fan pages. The one downside I’ve seen is that many of the friends in social networks are other writers and not new readers (I must admit I’ve never joined a fan page as I don’t have time). The all time best way of selling books has been word of mouth and that is moving to be word of mouse. I have a proposal with a publisher that I already have someone so excited about the book that she is ready to start lots of word of mouse clicking (she is the first person in my focus group to try out the book activities and I’ve sent her free samples-which also shows that FREE is still a great draw)

Opportunities to Learn Abound

Conferences, teleseminars, and online classes continue to help writers. I’ll be teaching one Writing for Children in March. Check out options and invest in one. I attribute my book contracts to investing in conferences and classes to learn the craft and inside information on how to get published and how to market.

This is the Year The Lord Has Made For You-How will You Respond?

It’s you year

It’s Time for you to shine

It’s time to be creative (ask the Creator for inspiration)

Pray and reflect on ways to best use your online marketing and social network time to tap into readers and not other writers.


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