It Takes a Network!

Marketing in today’s world takes a team—a well- oiled machine of wisdom–  or at least a circle of friends committed to share each other’s PR and “street team” nuggets so everyone moves their ministry and business forward.  This year at ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) the CAN Author Bootcamp was just that– a WEALTH OF CBA CAN auhtor boot camp pamWISDOM!~ ! In a wonderful “meeting of the minds” CBA (Christian Bookstore Association, CAN and Harvest House Publishers sponsored a very informative morning. I had the joy of kicking off the morning with a keynote on 7 Simple Skills to Success in Publishing where I shared  the God-empowered story of how Bill and I have survived and thrived for three decades in Christian publishing. (watch here (video thanks to Linda Goldfarb)

I have always loved passing right along any wisdom, connections, links, advice others have shared with me because this world is so dark that it takes ALL OF US holding up God’s light of love and truth to piece the darkness. Because of the world’s great need, we cannot, not should not, be selfish with the information we have gleaned or the advice others have passed on to us. That is what I love about CAN! Each person helping encourage and equip the other for greater success.

cba author bootcamp cba presI had the joy of hearing from so manty BRILLIANT leaders at the author bootcamp. Here is a quick list and my grateful THANKS! Because my husband and I learned SO MUCH TOO ) :

The Seinfeld Secret by Anita Agers Brooks

Websites and Plugins by Angela Breidenbach

15-Minute Writer by Dena Dyer

Marketing With Memes by Linda Kozar

Organizing Your Writing Life by Susan G. Mathis

Professional Organizations for Authors by Ava Pennington

CAN Your Marketing Movie by Maureen Pratt

Know Your Audience by Cynthia Ruchti

Reaching Reader Groups by Karen Whiting

Connect With Sponsors by Lynda T. Young

Ava Pennington shared a long list of organizations, affiliations, and networks that authors can join. Other than CAN, let me share four others that have been a source of encouragement, equipping and inspiration to me in this past year.

(Handouts from these mini seminars  available here)

cba author bootcamp Can bar harvest hosue

AWSA: Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. This group, started by author, Linda Shepherd, in 2011, is compromised of the top 10% of women Christian authors. AWSA hosts an annual summer conference the few days pam carol kent linda shepherd icrs 2013leading up to ICRS. In addition, they offer MasterMind groups for the more serious entrepreneur author; and a daily online “loop” filled with encouragement, equipping and positive support for the group’s members.

Bridge Builders: This is a new group to  most, but it’s founder, Maria Keckler is a long term friend of ours. We first met Maria when she and my husband, Bill, were both working for Dr David Jeremiah at Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego . Everything Maria has ever done is EXCELLENT A+ quality! I had the joy of being a cheerleader to her as she penned her first book, Be a Bridge Builder. She has gone on to create a power-packed online pam maria arlene at m hayattprogram for entrepreneurs’: Business Breakthrough University (of all kinds of businesses including writers/ speakers) . She is brave, bold, and Biblical and she has the ability to synthesize information gleaned from some of the world’s most successful business minds into a use to access, easy to implement format. Maria is a brilliant encourager and equipper who can take a person’s hopes and dreams and help turn them into a successful reality.

CWEN: Christian Women Entrepreneurs’ Network is a local (San Diego) networking group founded by Rebecca Garcia. These women, pam rebecca cwenfrom a wide variety of businesses, are joining together to equip one another, support one another but mostly grow in Christ so as they work their businesses they each reflect Jesus and glorify the God who gave them their talent, dream and platform.  If  you do a little research in your city or community,  you may have a similar network of Christians in Business.  I have three of four other local networking groups I speak for and am a member of– nothing like home town friends who you can hug, pray with and can pray for you!  If you can’t find one, maybe God is calling you to start one!


pam bill happy hug sail lightenedPam Farrel is the author of 45 books including best-selling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti. She and her husband, Bill, are Co-Directors of When they are not writing, or speaking some place around the world, you will likely find them walking the beach or sailing.


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Free Author Boot Camp Event Jun 26 in Cincinnati

Are you a published author living in, near, or visiting
the Cincinnati area June 26th, 2016?

This free event, offered by the Christian Booksellers Association in partnership with the Christian Authors Network, offers a career track for building up our published authors during the UNITE 2016 event in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you need career help, inspiration, networking, and quality teaching to move forward then you’ll love this event. Register at the door. Click the article link below for more information. We look forward to pouring our experience and heart for the published author into your career.

See you soon in Cincinnati!

Angela Breidenbach, Christian Authors Network president

CAN hosts Author Boot Camp sessions


Inspiration for Writers Writing Business

Was I too daring with my attire at the ICRS this year?

Author, Janet Perez Eckles
Author, Janet Perez Eckles

Hola from Janet Perez Eckles…Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

Like most of you, I ponder, reflect, evaluate and pray and pray some more before heading to any writer’s conference or event. I did the same before this past AWSA and ICRS events in Orlando.

This year the decision was easier. I figured that since they were being held in my hometown, hotel expenses would be eliminated. And I could even host some dear friends in our home.

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Attending ICRS As Author Without Signing


 – by Cheri Cowell

I do not have a book releasing this year, but will be attending ICRS. Why? There are good reasons for us to attend the International Christian Retail Show. Here are my top ten:


CAN Presentation at ICRS (Successful Author In-Store Events)

members attended the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) in St Louis in
late June. That's the place where the industry meets-publishers, editors,
authors, and especially retailers gather and interact!

CAN members
shared a power point presentation on successful author in-store events and held
a drawing for CAN authored books (gave away over $1600 in books to two
retailers at the show).This photo shows a retailer from Nigeria with CAN members. She was one of the winners.


Power and Benefits of Groups in Marketing

Aloha from Karen Whiting

DSC_1716 copyCAN offers great benefits to readers and blessings to members. It’s B&BHomeFrontgood to follow CAN because we post about marketing that others can adapt. It’s also good to see what a group does to glean ideas for your own group.

Let’s chat about how to multiply efforts greatly through team efforts that benefits all the members and blesses others.



ICRS, Where the Industry Meets

Aloha from Karen,

DSC_5017_3  A few weeks ago I attended the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS). I’ve been going for more than a decade. One convention hall fills with authors, publishers, sales reps, agents, and store owners, and all the newest Christian books and products. It’s an exciting place for anyone who loves books. Many authors sign free copies of their books. I didn’t sign this year but  Faithwords gave away a huge stack of my books as I stood and watched them disappear in a few minutes.

A lot happens at this show.



We CAN Market and it Begins with the Book Idea

Aloha from the CAN treasurer, Karen Whiting

Karen1210 CAN began several years ago when a few author friends shared a great idea of forming a group that would help one another market and learn how to market. We are still growing into the best ways to do that. This blog has been a great teaching tool to share how to market and I’m rthankful to be part of such a network.

I want to share some tips of what I’m doing to prepare to market a few future books



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ICRS News from the Industry

Aloha from Karen, treasurer of CAN,



I’m at the International Christian Retail Show in St Louis, MO this week. This is where store owners, publishers, editors, authors, and agents come together to show case new books and products and interact.
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This is the Year that God has Made-What Will You Do With It?

Aloha from Karen,

Karen1208    This is a new year still-although the first month will end soon. God has given us
more  time. It’s up to us to use it wisely and make good choices for our writing    and marketing. For me, there will be a new book released next month (102 Wiggly Bible 97810000000009781426708497Rhymes and Rhythms) and that means I’m already doing some new marketing.

With the new year we can reflect on what has been changing and what new trends may be out there in marketing. I’d like to mention a few things I’ve noticed.