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I post on the last Thursday of each month about the topic of building a speaking platform. Today I want to explore the idea of when it is okay to share about a personal heartache or trial, and when it is better to hold it for a while.

While I do believe that sometimes God calls us to step up and share a vulnerable story (while we are right in the midst of it all), most of the time wisdom calls us to give it time, to get on the other side of it, and to wipe the dirt off of the spoils from our war.

The thing is, certain types of pain produce amazing testimonies right in the midst of the pain, while other types of heartache require a time of healing and understanding.

For instance, I have heard of parents who have lost a child and who stood up and spoke about their loss with power and conviction only days after their tragedy. And, after hearing their testimony, many came to Christ. Absolutely amazing.

But when it comes to divorce, betrayal, or any kind of relational break down, those messages need time for healing, understanding, and even wisdom about what is best to share, and what is best to hold. Furthermore, when our stories involve other people, we need to be respectful of their story.

In the Old Testament we read about a time when Noah (a godly, righteous man) got drunk and passed out in his birthday suit. What was Noah’s son’s first response? He ran and told. And if you read the story, you find that his children and grandchildren paid a price because of his haste to tell the story. On the other hand, Noah’s two other sons responded the right way. They walked in backwards and draped a coat on their father. They covered their father’s nakedness. And do you know that their future generations were blessed because of that righteous act?

As speakers, our words will produce a ripple effect in generations to come.

There is a time to speak and a time be silent. A time to heal, and a time to tell about how God healed.

May we have the wisdom and grace to follow the Savior’s lead and to say what He gives us to say.

~Until next month.

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