Last week my friend Diane pulled me aside after choir practice and placed a package in my hands.

“I wanted you to have the first copy.” Her first book was finally in print! Over the past few years
I have seen this book evolve as Diane brought individual devotions to our writer’s group, asked me to edit/critique the first draft, and started submitting to publishers. I was almost as excited as I would have been over my own book.

After we hugged and screamed like teenagers (well, we didn’t exactly scream), I showed it to everyone that I ran into, looked for it on Amazon, and put a shout-out on Facebook.

I had been moping about some disappointments in my own writing career earlier in the day. But sharing Diane’s excitement reminded me that there is more to this writing thing than MY career. I also have the honor of helping new writers along, cheering on my fellow authors, and spreading the word about all God is doing through His children who live to put words on pages. What a privilege to have the first hot-off-the-press copy of a dear friend’s book. I think I got one before any of her kids or even her husband! I will always treasure it as I savor what God taught me.

So while I wait for someone to grab onto one the proposals that I have circulating, may I continue to share in the joys of others. After all, isn’t that what we are called to do?

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