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Janet Perez Eckles, author and speaker
Janet Perez Eckles, author and speaker

Hola from Janet Perez Eckles…Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

A knock at my hotel room startled me.

“Room service,” a voice said.

I hurried to let her in. “Only need fresh towels,” I said. “I’ll be fine.”

She brought them in and I smiled at her. “Thank you. What’s your name?”

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Love That Travel, But. . .

Gail Gaymer Martin Hi from Gail Gaymer Martin at  Traveling is a passion of mine along with writing fiction. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to so many countries and every state in the union, and I love setting stories in those places. Some of my travel is the result of teaching writing at conferences or speaking at various events around the country, so my writing career offers me opportunities to do two things I love at one time—talk about writing in other places than home.

But. . .