Janet Perez Eckles, author and speaker

Janet Perez Eckles, author and speaker

Hola from Janet Perez Eckles…Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

A knock at my hotel room startled me.

“Room service,” a voice said.

I hurried to let her in. “Only need fresh towels,” I said. “I’ll be fine.”

She brought them in and I smiled at her. “Thank you. What’s your name?”


We chatted about mundane stuff. But when I told her why I had visited her city, she was open to hearing about my ministry.

I reached for my suitcase. “Got something for you,” I said. I put a CD of my testimony in her hands.

“This is for me?” she asked, her voice gasping a bit.

“Sure is,” I said, “hope you like it and it inspires you.”

Two days passed, and I had delivered a message to 500 women on three different occasions during the weekend.

On the last day, as I entered my room, a voice got closer. “This is Rachel. I want to tell you that I heard your CD. It was so wonderful.” Her voice choked. “And I gave it to my friend who really needed to be encouraged. She loved it too. Thank you.”

Her words filled with emotion made my heart leap with gratitude. I had traveled to address an audience, but the Lord had me minister to her.

What a sweet thing. Every opportunity, every moment, every person we meet on the way is planted by the Lord.

I had developed a sort of crazy habit. Before I leave hotel rooms, I take the already used soap, place it in a plastic bag and bring it home. I place it on my soap dish in my bathroom. Each time I use it, I say a prayer for the person I met that touched my heart.

This time it’s Rachel, the housekeeping lady who helped me clean my perception. She changed my view of why the Lord sends us speakers to faraway places. It’s not always to impact great crowds, to evoke great applause, or transform the masses. But instead, it could be for the person away from the audience, with a soft voice, who expects nothing, yet brushes our lives even for a moment.

And expecting more of those moments, each trip I take, I pack this reminder in the suitcase of my heart: “But in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:4-5).


Contagious Courage by Janet Perez Eckles

Contagious Courage by Janet Perez Eckles

Before Janet Perez Eckles became an international speaker, No. 1 Amazon best-selling author, life coach, master interpreter, and radio host, she faced complete blindness at 31 and endured other devastating tragedies.

And because of God’s grace, her days shine with victory, success and joy. This triumph translates into the empowerment and transformational message she imparts in her books and her presentations internationally before thousands. Want to know more? Here’s a 2-minute video for you to enjoy. And please visit Janet’s website.

Janet’s newest book: Contagious Courage: A 30-Day Journey to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety.

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