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John Vonhoff, host of Writers and Authors On Fire, interviews CAN members

Writers and Authors On Fire Podcast

Host, John Vonhoff, discusses writing, writing life, writing lessons, and the best tips to be a successful author with his guests.

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  • Cheri Cowell is an accomplished author, speaker, and owner of EABooks Publishing.
  • Dr. Michelle Bengtson is the author of Hope Prevails, a book about depression.
  • Sydney Avey writes literary fiction about the human experience.
  • Jane Daley has written two nonfiction books about life’s hard issues.
  • Sherry Kyle is an author of novels for women and books for tween girls.
  • Crystal Bowman is a children’s author with over 100 books written.
  • Torry Martin is a Christian sketch writer/scriptwriter, who also writes humor and nonfiction books.
  • Mona Hodgson Historical fiction and children’s book author talks about these two exciting genres.
  • Karen Whiting is an author of 21 books and 600+ articles, and writes for children, moms, and families.
  • Sarah Sundin Author of WWII historical romance fiction.
  • Angela Breidenbach writes historical and contemporary romance and non-fiction is intent on growing.
  • Kathy Ide Editor and nonfiction author.
Writing Business

Writing for Kids’ Magazines by Crystal Bowman


I meet a lot of writers who want to write for children. They come to writers’ conferences with high hopes of making a connection with an editor from a publishing house who is looking for children’s material. Many of the writers I meet have written good stories. Some are short stories written in rhyme, others are slightly longer stories written in prose. But even though they may be good stories, well written stories, and stories with a strong, age-appropriate message, most of these stories will not be published as books. The hardcover premium picture book is getting harder and harder to publish, and very few houses are actively seeking them. The cost of publishing premium pictures books is high, which makes the selling point high, which makes parents think twice before buying. So what are these writers supposed to do with the gems they have written? Read on.

Writing Business

Tips from the Pros: Jeanne Gowen Dennis

"SundinGreetings from Sarah Sundin in California! Today I have the honor of interviewing Jeanne Gowen Dennis, who has a deep and varied career spanning book and article writing, and web TV hosting.

"CANJeanne, how did you get into writing? How many books do you have published? What are a few of your latest titles?

My first Christian writers’ conference led to my first publication. Things just clicked after that conference, because I finally understood the concept of targeting my audience. Then I began having articles, stories, and greeting card verses published. Since then, I have published eleven books and contributed to several others.


Tips from the Pros: Lynda T. Young

"Pieper_compressed"Greetings from sunny–and short–springtime in central Florida! Marti Pieper here, lifting my head from my current manuscript long enough to share an insightful interview with author Lynda T. Young. Lynda not only has an interesting journey to publication but some unusual elements to her marketing strategy as well. Welcome, Lynda! Let's forge ahead with the interview. 

How did you get into writing? How many books do you have published?
What are a few of your latest titles?

I co-founded a ministry, Kindred
Spirits International, in 1999 and we
sent out a newsletter. My articles mainly dealt with children’s hospitals and
an African refugee mission. I was also volunteering at Egleston Children’s
Hospital here in Atlanta, and God laid it on my heart to write a book for
families of children with cancer. My husband had been in cancer research since


Tips from the Pros: Maureen Pratt

"Pieper_compressed"New Year's greetings from central Florida! Now that you've finished off all the extra fudge and gingerbread cookies, I hope you'll take time from the treadmill long enough to read today's marketing insights from award-winning playwright, journalist, and author Maureen Pratt. Maureen has lots of wisdom to share, so let's get started.

Maureen, how did you get into writing? How many books have you published, and what are a few of your latest titles?

I was always writing–scripts, songs, stories, even a comic strip–when I was young. My first paid writing job was as a stringer for a local newspaper. I covered stories and