I was in fifth grade when my teacher interrupted my daydream, “Linda, I don’t care if you do grow up
to be a famous author, I’m going to teach you math so you can balance your royalty statements.”

My classmates turned to stare at me, while I stared back at my teacher in shock, thinking, An author?

Who ever said I wanted to be an author?

Even though Mrs. Davis’ words foretold my future, I didn’t get it, dream about it, or add ‘writing a
book’ to my life’s goals.

Instead, when I graduated from college, I got a job in the high-tech industry as a technical writer for a
computer-aided design developer. My job was to update the cad/cam manuals per every software

The first thing I ever wrote was often quoted by tech support, “If the cad/cam is not working, make
sure it is plugged in.”

Meanwhile, I served the Lord at my church where I volunteered to work with the teens. One New
Year’s Eve I was praying a complaint to the Lord, “The kids at church fall into every pitfall the enemy
has set for them. They don’t know better! Somebody needs to write a book that shows the kids how
to avoid the devil’s traps so they can live for you.”

It was almost as if God tapped me on the shoulder and I felt His answer shake me to the core, “And
that would be you.”

“Me? what do I know about writing books for publication? I don’t even have an idea for a book for

As if on cue, an idea popped into my head that I should write a continuing-story devotional book, with a
to-be-continued cliffhanger in every devotional.

Still, I wasn’t convinced. I prayed, “Lord, if this is You, then I need training for writing books for the
Christian marketplace!”

Less than two weeks later I was invited to attend the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. Who
knew they even had those?

At the writer’s conference, I met an editor who soon sent me a book contract for two books, Kara’s
Quest, and Ryan’s Trials, a pair of teen devotionals soon published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

That was 37 books ago, with my new book Make Time for Joy, Scripture-Powered Prayers to Brighten
Your Day
releasing this Valentine’s Day, book number 38!

Make Time for Joy is a continuation of the dozen or so books on prayer I’ve written for Baker Revell
Publishers. This prayer devotional helps readers take a joy break by praying God’s Word.

Maybe I didn’t realize God wanted me to be a writer, but how glad I am I finally caught on. I love
writing books, and I love my readers. My book-writing adventures have helped me reach people
around the world and helped them connect to God so that they can find encouragement in their faith
walks. I think I’m still in shock that I did become a writer.

I think Mrs. Davis is up in heaven looking down my way and saying, “I told you so.”

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Linda Evans Shepherd

Linda has written 38 books, is an international speaker, and the head of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association with over 800 women authors and speakers. She is the publisher of Leading Hearts Magazine and Arise Daily Devotionals and reaches the women of the church with her Arise Esther Evenings.

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