John Vonhoff, host of Writers and Authors On Fire, interviews CAN members

Writers and Authors On Fire Podcast

Host, John Vonhoff, discusses writing, writing life, writing lessons, and the best tips to be a successful author with his guests.

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  • Cheri Cowell is an accomplished author, speaker, and owner of EABooks Publishing.
  • Dr. Michelle Bengtson is the author of Hope Prevails, a book about depression.
  • Sydney Avey writes literary fiction about the human experience.
  • Jane Daley has written two nonfiction books about life’s hard issues.
  • Sherry Kyle is an author of novels for women and books for tween girls.
  • Crystal Bowman is a children’s author with over 100 books written.
  • Torry Martin is a Christian sketch writer/scriptwriter, who also writes humor and nonfiction books.
  • Mona Hodgson Historical fiction and children’s book author talks about these two exciting genres.
  • Karen Whiting is an author of 21 books and 600+ articles, and writes for children, moms, and families.
  • Sarah Sundin Author of WWII historical romance fiction.
  • Angela Breidenbach writes historical and contemporary romance and non-fiction is intent on growing.
  • Kathy Ide Editor and nonfiction author.
Crystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman

When people find out I write books for children, their response often goes something like this: “Oh, how fun! I have always wanted to write a children’s book.” Writing for children is fun, but fun does not mean easy. And the more you learn, the harder it gets! If you are someone who wants to try writing for children, here are a few basic tips on how to get started. Read More →


CrystalBowman300Hello from Crystal Bowman!

I have been writing books for children for over 20 years and have learned a few things along the way. Writing for children is much harder than most people realize. The challenge is to write an engaging, creative story using limited vocabulary and word count. Another thing to consider is naming your characters. The characters in a book may be animals or humans, but either way, they need names—and choosing the right name is important! Read More →


CrystalBowman300Hello from Crystal Bowman! I have been writing for children for over 20 years. Before writing my first book, I spent 5 years as a preschool teacher and 12 years as a full-time mom. From my twenties to my forties, young children were part of my daily life. I am now in another decade with grandchildren, so I still have little ones in my world. When I teach at writers’ conferences, or when someone wants advice on writing for children, I always remind them that they have to know kids in order to write for them. They need to understand the perspective of young children and live in their world. Read More →

Crystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman, author/speaker

In my last post titled What Kind of Children’s Book? I explained that it’s important for writers of children’s literature to know what subgenre they want to write for. When presenting a proposal to an agent or editor, writers need to know where their book will fit in the market. I discussed three of the primary subgenres: boardbook, preschool picture book, and the standard 32-page picture book.

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