Laine Lawson Craft
Laine Lawson Craft

Greetings from Sarah Sundin! Today I have the joy of interviewing one of our newest CAN members, speaker Laine Lawson Craft, author of several inspirational nonfiction books for women. She’s here today to share about her latest book—which has a companion journal!

Welcome, Laine! Please tell us about your books, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow: Discover the Power to Live the Life You Love and the Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal.

Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow book and journal by Laine Lawson Craft
Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow book and journal by Laine Lawson Craft

An award-winning resource to help you discover how to start winning in life. It was the 2020 Christian Authors Network, Crown Awards Winner, 2021 Illumination Award, Digital Media winner, and a 2021 Selah Award finalist in Christian living.

Want to know how to live your dreams? Discover how to reconnect, realign, and reactivate with the ultimate power source so that you move from hurts to healing.

The Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal will transform your trials to triumphs. It is designed to help women personally walk through the process of learning to depend upon God’s power in their lives through daily evaluations, Scripture study, and prayer. The journal also provides a leader’s guide for group discussion.

And who doesn’t love journals? What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to share the hope that God is still moving supernaturally today. God is still healing today! I wanted readers to discover that God is ready to help us reconnect, realign, and reactivate our lives into His love and power so that He can move through our hurts and heal us.

God is the healer of the brokenhearted and through this book healing can be found!

How has God used the message of your book in your own life?

This book was curated by God’s healing in my own life. God resurrected my dead marriage, healed my sick daughter, delivered my sons, and so much more. Through these supernatural moves of God in every area of my life, God was able to help me design a way to help others find healing too. Through the Three R’s, reconnect, realign, and reactivate, we can allow God to heal all our hurts. Through the darkest hours and hardest seasons of my life, God brought me through and He will give you victory too!

What themes do you return to again and again in your writing?

I believe that God is still doing miracles, signs, and wonders today! God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I feel led to teach and inspire that truth that God is healing many every day! I believe that God uses my gifts that He gave me to share hope that God loves them intimately and He is working behind the scenes for His children for their healing!

Tell us about your most touching moment with a reader.

I have been so blessed that this message has touched so many readers who were at their lowest points and needed hope that God was still there. One specific reader said, “I felt like I finally found someone who gets it. Just because I am angry with God doesn’t mean I don’t love Him, but more like I didn’t like how things turned out, because of course, I know better. Some chapters were easier than others, and I felt like I could breeze through them, while others took time for me to sit with them and soak up the wisdom offered. I would recommend this to anyone, wherever you are in your walk with God to become stronger.”

Do you have pets and do they inspire your writing or hinder it?

I am a grandmother to two dogs, Dixie and Madden. They often help me when I am writing. They remind me to get up and walk them and not to stay too long at the computer! I feel like I am getting to practice Grandmother Love too before my real grandchildren are born. I am so thankful that Dixie and Madden help me stay balanced so that I don’t forget to play as well as write!

Besides walking your grand-puppies, what are your hobbies or activities or passions outside of writing?

I love to talk! I love to have friends and fellowship. I love producing my podcast and Facebook Lives sharing other amazing stories that encourage the listeners and viewers.

I walk often and I love to Praise-ercise—that is Praising God while I walk and exercise!

I love Pilates too! My greatest passion is my family and I love to be with them as often as possible!

Sarah Sundin
Sarah Sundin

That’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the Lord with us.

To learn more about Laine, her books, and her speaking, please visit Laine’s website.

Writing for Him,

Sarah Sundin

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