Sherry Kyle
Sherry Kyle

Greetings from Sarah Sundin! Today I have the joy of interviewing one of my closest personal friends, multi-published author Sherry Kyle. Sherry and I met many years ago at a writers’ conference, when we were both young moms with publishing dreams. Now Sherry has published women’s fiction, historical fiction, romance novellas, and children’s books—both fiction and nonfiction! Today she’s sharing about her swoony Christmas novella, which has just been released as an audiobook.

Forever Yours This Christmas by Sherry Kyle
Forever Yours This Christmas by Sherry Kyle

Sherry, please tell us about your book, Forever Yours This Christmas.

Amy Carrington, a consignment shop owner, tries to save her parking lot from being taken over by Sunshine Builders—CEO Kimberly Harding and her handsome brother, Wes—who are building townhomes right next to her shop in the small fictional town of Winterberry, Colorado. The bigger problem? Falling in love with her rival!

I enjoyed this story so much! Why did you write it?

I love Christmas and sweet romance, and wanted to write a story that I could imagine as a Hallmark Christmas movie.

It would make an amazing movie! What’s your favorite scene in this book?

My favorite scene is when Wes and Amy meet for the first time. They have no idea who each other is when they step into each other’s arms for an impromptu dance. They quickly find they have a connection that bonds them throughout the story despite the awkward business situation they find themselves in.

So romantic! Now, with all the various sorts of writing you do, are there any themes you return to again and again?

The themes that I return to in my writing are self-identity and forgiveness. It’s important for us to know who we are in Christ—loved and cherished—as well as the impact of forgiveness, for ourselves and others.

I love this! What wonderful themes for your readers.

Many readers try to picture their favorite authors at work. What would be your ideal writing place? And…what’s your actual writing place like?

My ideal writing place is my actual writing place as of December 2017, when my husband and I hired a contractor to build an office from an upstairs patio deck. We enclosed the space, kept a small portion of the deck where I can step out on, and added a Dutch door so I can open it and feel the breeze as I write. I chose patterned ceramic tile, added white shiplap to the ceiling, and painted the walls off-white. I furnished my office with a desk, bookshelves, large navy blue chair, and a cabinet that is the right height to be used as a stand-up desk. Large windows face the street and greenbelt that are perfect for gazing out. Framed posters from a couple of my book covers hang on the walls. I also have a wall-mounted fireplace for those chilly mornings, and a ‘fandelier’ that is both a fan and chandelier for the warm ones. I feel blessed to have such a fun writing space. It’s so me!

From the photos I’ve seen, I have to agree. Other than the incredible office and having so many books published, do you have an unfulfilled dream?

I would love for one of my books to become a Hallmark movie. A girl can dream!

What do you read for pleasure? What are you reading right now?

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed listening to audiobooks while I take my afternoon walk. I usually listen to contemporary romance, women’s fiction, or historical romance. Right now I’m listening to All That Really Matters by Nicole Deese, as well as reading an ARC copy of Beyond the Tides by Liz Johnson.

Do you have pets and do they inspire your writing or hinder it?

Yes, we have two dogs, both chihuahua-terrier mixes, but one looks more like a terrier and the other looks more like a chihuahua. Bandit and Bella are wonderful company. I love to incorporate pets in my books, so they inspire me in that way, but they also hinder my writing when they need attention or need to be fed—like right now. The best decision we have made is to add a doggy door so that I’m not constantly letting them in and out.

Yes! I’d love one of those. With such adorable distractions, how do you stay disciplined and meet your deadlines?

I stay disciplined and meet my deadlines by prioritizing what needs to be done. I can happily say I’ve never asked for an extension and so far have been able to keep my deadlines. (Thank goodness for email reminders!) I have a ‘to do’ folder on my laptop and constantly check it. I also am good at saying “no” to things that will add too much to my plate. But, of course, there are times when saying “yes” is important despite making time management difficult. The best advice I can give is to keep a calendar…and remember to take breaks.  

Amen to all of that! So, what’s next from you? Please tell us about your next project.

Sweet Cranberries is a contemporary romance novella about Amanda Richards, a young woman who moves to the island of Nantucket to take over the Blue Crab Café that her aunt and uncle have successfully run for forty years. Hoping to prove her worth to a somewhat skeptical community, she volunteers to organize the annual Cranberry Festival at the Milestone Cranberry Bog. When a handsome electrician and other residents of the island step up to help with the festival, she must discern whether they really have her best interests at heart.

Tyler Adams, owner of Adams Electric, is having a hard time accepting the news that the Blue Crab Café has been sold and the former owner is moving away—a man who’s been a father figure to Tyler since his dad’s death two years ago. When Amanda, the new owner, steps up to head up the Cranberry Festival planning committee, he volunteers to help her and quickly falls for the newest member of the community. The only thing he hadn’t planned on was his ex-fianceé returning to town with her sights set on winning him back.

Sweet Cranberries is set to release in the fall 2021.

Sarah Sundin
Sarah Sundin

I’m spoiled—I’ve already read it, and it’s so good, people! I’ll stop fangirling now, but if you’d like to learn more about Sherry’s books, please visit Sherry’s website and Sherry’s blog.

Writing for Him,

Sarah Sundin

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