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Dinosaur Devotions

Dinosaur Devotions is a fun way to help your dinosaur-loving kids connect with God. These 75 devotions include bright, colorful illustrations and uncover facts about specific dinosaur species while providing spiritual insight and easy-to-understand takeaways that will encourage your children to take their faith to the next level! Your kids will also love segments like Dino Stats (a dinosaur’s measurements), Bible Excavation (a main Bible verse), Digging Deeper (self-reflection questions), Did You Know? (fun facts), and Jurassic Journaling (creative writing opportunities) that make this devotional interactive and even more memorable.


And here’s a review, reprinted by permission:

Any kid, boy or girl, who loves dinosaurs will find this devotional hard to resist. And while learning about 75 different dinosaurs, they’ll also explore 75 different biblical concepts about living as a child of God.

Each devotion includes pronunciation of the dinosaur’s name (try Micropachycephalosaurus without a guide!), Dino Stats (about the creature’s family, size, weight, and diet), and a fun Did You Know fact.

Focused on the biblical concept are Bible Excavation (a Bible verse), Digging Deeper (a question or two for expanding the devotion’s Bible concept), and Jurassic Journaling (kid-sized writing prompts).

Nicely conversational in tone, each devotion transitions easily from dinosaur facts to what the Bible has to say about kid issues like jealousy, temptation, and speaking kindly, plus biblical teaching about ideas like the true source of knowledge, God’s constant presence, and learning to pray.

The book avoids controversy; there’s no mention of how long ago dinosaurs lived or how they became extinct.

The very last devotion includes an invitation to make Jesus Lord by praying a suggested prayer. If your faith tradition includes something more or different, you’ll want to amplify this one.

Highly recommended. For ages 9-12 to read on their own but will interest younger children too. Families also could use this and the suggested questions and activities for a family devotional time.

~ Diane Stortz

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Michelle Medlock Adams, Author

Michelle Medlock Adams, Author

Michelle Medlock Adams is a NY Times Best-selling ghostwriter and an award-winning journalist of more than 1,700 articles and 100 books. With more than 4 million copies sold, Michelle has earned over 70 industry awards from the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, to name a few.

Michelle is celebrating the recent release of her children’s books, Cuddle-up Prayers and I Love You Bigger Than the Sky, and she’s eagerly anticipating the release of Writing & Selling Children’s Books in the Christian Market: From Board Books to YA, a book she coauthored with her agent Cyle Young. Michelle is also a much sought after writing instructor, having taught at more than 100 writers conferences. And, she has served as an adjunct professor, teaching “Writing for Children” at Taylor University three different years.

When not writing or teaching writing, Michelle enjoys bass fishing with her husband Jeff and watching Doris Day movies. To learn more, check out her website at: www.michellemedlockadams.com online.

Sally Jo Pitts
Sally Jo Pitts

Sally Jo Pitts

Greetings from Sarah Sundin in California! Today we’re traveling to Florida to visit with one of our newest CAN members, novelist Sally Jo Pitts. Sally Jo has worked as a home economics teacher, a high school guidance counselor, a private investigator, and an expert in lie detection! I think every single one of us who has ever worked with or raised a teenager would love those lie detection skills! Come see how Sally Jo uses this unique background to craft her popular romances and cozy mysteries!

Welcome, Sally Jo! Please tell us about your book Designed for Love.

A new War Between the States is brewing in Hamilton Harbor, Florida. North and South clash when a local interior designer is pitted against a New Yorker in a competition that will shape the destiny of the small town. Read More →

2020 CAN Crown Awards

2020 #CANCROWN Awards

We hope you’ll enjoy coming to the online Zoom event as we “crown” our winners. It’s always fun to know the results and share in the joy. Be sure to dress up (at least from the waist up!) And bring your notebooks! You’ll be getting a bird’s-eye view of the winning campaigns!

On the notification calls on Monday night, one of our finalists suggested the idea of holding a watch party. We strongly support that idea. Invite friends and family to share the event with you. Be sure to have fun snacks on hand to celebrate and enjoy the evening. Feel free to share the link below with anyone you think that might enjoy the CAN Crown Awards Gala. Everyone will enter the waiting room and we will begin approving entry a few minutes early as we expect a large turnout.
To join the CAN Crown Awards Gala, please follow the link and information here to the Zoom event:
Topic: 2020 CAN Crown Awards Gala
Date: Nov 7, 2020 

Time: 5:00 PM Mountain/6PM Central/7PM Eastern (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

We’re excited to see you on Nov. 7th to share special recognition and education about author marketing. New this year, all 3 categories will have special speakers, the winners, telling us about their marketing campaigns with the focus on how other authors can duplicate the concepts in their marketing efforts.

We expect quite a variety in short presentations, though our finalists have no idea yet whether they’ve placed. They have all been told of the possibility of a short sharing/teaching time on the successful elements of their campaigns.
Physical awards (certificates, trophies) will be mailed to winners and finalists after the event. The prize package of interviews and features will be forwarded to the winners and finalists throughout the year as we place them with media.

Watching the summer season come to an end, and autumn follow, reminded me once again that God is in control. He is the one who sends the rain, the snow, and the sunshine. He directs the clouds and the wind and determines the temperature. Though people may try to predict the weather based on meteorological patterns, they cannot control it. Only God can.

God is a God of order. Since the beginning of time, God established day and night and seasons. He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down (Psalm 104:19).   Every day, every week, every month, every year the order of nature is consistent. Just as nature is consistent, so is our God. His love and care for us remain the same.

God is faithful. Just as we can depend on daylight and darkness, we can depend on God. He will never leave us or forsake us. He is always with us to guide and protect us. We can trust that He will do what He says in His Word.

Knowing this gives us peace and frees us from worry and fear that exist in an ever-changing chaotic world. As we savor the days of autumn, let’s give thanks to a faithful God whose love for us will last forever.

I am the LORD, and I do not change (Malachi 3:6 NLT).


Author, Crystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman is a best-selling, award-winning author of more than 100 books for children and adults. She is a lyricist for children’s piano music, contributor to Clubhouse Jr. Magazine, and presenter at writers’ conferences. Her latest picture book addresses the topic of dementia: I Love You to the Stars—When Grandma Forgets, Love Remembers.

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Unleash Your God-Given Healing by Ginny Dent Brant

Unleash Your God-Given Healing

Unleash Your God-Given Healing by Ginny Dent Brant is an inspirational, Christian living book written with commentary from a well-respected oncologist, Dr. Robert Elliott. It explores nutrition, lifestyle, integrative and conventional medicine, and biblical wisdom in a practical way to assist people in preventing and beating cancer while surviving the journey.


* * *

Here’s a review of Unleash Your God-Given Healing, reprinted by permission:

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, the worry and fear can be exhausting. I’ve been looking for a balanced strategy for dealing with my cancer. In this book, each chapter addresses matters I have researched, taken under consideration, and prayed about. With so much information available on “Doctor Google,” it is hard to decipher what is valid and what is charlatan. But Ginny backs up each chapter with valid research, practical suggestions, and commentary from a well-respected oncologist. This book is well written and organized. I appreciate that she offers suggestions to those who are on a budget.

I appreciate the author’s approach. First and foremost, her perspective is Christian. She looks realistically at the physical and spiritual needs of regular people—those with typical access to local, NCI (National Cancer Institute), and CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) medical treatment—and provides hope. She supplies information based on research by credentialed experts of many persuasions. From her eight steps to preventing and surviving cancer, I’ve learned a number of new things, and some questions I’ve had from my research were answered. Ginny quotes cancer-research authorities, giving me confidence in the validity of her information.

This author is smart, well connected within the medical community both conventional and holistic, and she offers an integrated approach that is exactly what I am looking for. I have read countless cancer studies over the last year, yet I am confused about many aspects of this disease and its treatment. Ginny’s book helps lift my haze of confusion and provides a solid game plan for battling cancer and then doing what can be done to keep it from recurring. She shows you how to unleash your own healing with lifestyle changes while your doctor is treating your cancer. These steps are doable, practical and well researched. This is a book I would buy it, and I would purchase copies for friends and relatives who have cancer. This is a message that needs to be heard.

~ Jann Barclift, Cancer Survivor

* * *

Ginny Dent Brant, Author

Ginny Dent Brant

Ginny Dent Brant is a speaker and writer who grew up in the halls of power in Washington, DC. She has battled cancer, ministered around the world, and served on the front lines of American culture as a counselor, educator, wellness advocate, and adjunct professor. Brant’s award-winning book, Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World, was endorsed by Chuck Colson and featured in many TV and media interviews. Her recent release, Unleash Your God-Given Healing is a Golden Scrolls Award Winner. More information and her cancer prevention blog can be found at www.ginnybrant.com.