Evangeline by Lane Jordan

Evangeline by Lane Jordan

Evangeline, by Lane Jordan, is a historical romance that won the Romance Book of the Year Golden Scrolls Award!

Take the beautiful, biblical story of Esther, change the lead character’s race from Jewish to biracial, place the location in New York City during the 1960s’ era of turmoil at the time of the Civil Rights movement, and you have a modern-day parallel story to Esther.

The book of Esther in the Old Testament is a similar story to Cinderella. With only ten short chapters, and God never mentioned, Esther reveals how God works in our lives always. He is in every detail.

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Book review:

This book is an entertaining book that held my attention. The plot line moved fast so I was always engaged. And the further I got into the story the faster I wanted to read to see how the story ended. Best of all, the book had good moral values without being preachy. I recommend to everyone who wants to read a fascinating book with good life principles. Especially good for teenage girls who are getting into dating and learning the qualities that make a good future husband.

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Lane Jordan

Lane Jordan

Lane Jordan is an award-winning author of over ten books, an international speaker, a professional life coach, a recording artist, a Bible teacher, a painting artist, and part of Pearls of Promise Ministries as a radio co-host, blogger, and prayer coordinator.

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