How to Dress a Dinosaur book cover

How to Dress a Dinosaur by Robin Currie is an engaging board book. Every parent knows the struggle of getting a child dressed and out the door. But with a cast of hilariously coiffed dinosaurs to teach toddlers how to stomp their feet into pant legs and reach their claws into shirts, getting dressed becomes a game. Your little dino lover will beg to join in the fun and get dressed like a dinosaur! Winner of the Purple Dragon and Firebird Awards.

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Book review:

“Such a fun book to read with any little one, and fans of dinosaurs will absolutely love it! The author turns a daily routine into one that is filled with positivity, imagination and creativity. I can just see little ones enjoy acting each page out! The bright and colorful illustrations compliment the adventure of dressing a dinosaur. A must read for the bookshelf!”

~ Nikki Bergstresser

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Robin Currie, author

Award-winning author Robin Currie learned story sharing by sitting on the floor during library story times. She has sold 1.7 M copies of her 40 storybooks and writes stories to read and read again! How to Dress a Dinosaur – Shop

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