Shadow of the Dagger by Anne Greene

Shadow of the Dagger by Anne Greene

Shadow of the Dagger: by Anne Greene

Three people are murdered and one kidnapped to find the solution to a priceless treasure map. As Nicole Phillips seeks to find her kidnapped brother, she doesn’t know whom to trust. No one is who they appear to be. All is deception.

To bring his brother’s murderer to justice, CIA Intel Analyst, Josh Baruch, lays his life on the line. Can he walk the tightrope between obeying the killers’ instructions and bringing them to justice?

Because Nicole’s husband died in a mysterious plane crash, she fears falling in love again with a reckless, danger-loving type like her late husband. Josh Baruch, the CIA Analyst using her as bait to track her brother’s kidnapper, is just such a risk-taking man. Besides living on the edge, Josh is bitter about women and questions God.


The following book review is reprinted by permission of Janet Chester Bly:

This is the first Anne Greene novel I’ve read. Won’t be the last. Shadow of the Dagger jumps right into tension and never lets up. Vivid details, fascinating characters, and tight writing style push the story forward. Greene immerses the reader in the exotic Turkish culture, history, and ancient traditions, including the confining rules for women. She also portrays the breadth of beautiful countrysides and cityscapes with the intriguing architecture and confusion of mazes and corridors. Good pacing of changing POV scenes. Suspense couples with smoldering, yet controlled romance scenes. A complex plot brims with inner and outer conflict, mistrust and betrayal. Nicole Phillips is a gutsy heroine, full of faith, and I so relate to her directional dyslexia.

            ~ Janet Chester Bly, author of The Trials of Reba Cahill series.


Anne Greene, Author

Anne Greene, Author

Anne Greene loves writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer and about gutsy heroines. Her first book in her CIA Operatives series opens with Shadow of the Dagger. Her Women of Courage series spotlights heroic women of World War II. Blast off with Angel With Steel Wings. Her Holly Garden, Private Investigator series opens with Red Is For Rookie. Enjoy her award-winning Scottish historical romances. Anne hopes her stories transport you to awesome new worlds and touch your heart. Discover more about Anne at:


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