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So much is written today about having an online presence. And that is terrific advice. But we don’t want to forget that we need an offline presence as well. So here are a few things you don’t want to forget about when building your offline brand.

  1. Write an old fashioned press release. Then send it out to local newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows. Local sells and a press release still does the trick.
  2. Host a book party. Make it fun. Choose a setting that aligns with your book’s theme or main message. Is your book about horses? Then do an event at a horse farm. Does your book have a cause? Then consider teaming up with a local charity.
  3. Do a book reading at a hospital gift shop, the library, a coffee shop, or a garden center. Be sure to hand out bookmarks with info on how to order books.
  4. Does your book lend itself to a speaking topic? Women’s groups and local business groups are always looking for speakers for their monthly events. Be sure to speak on the topic and not about your book (a major turn off).
  5. Sign up for a booth at a local craft fair. Everyone wants to meet a local author. Provide a fishbowl drawing for a free autographed book (be sure to put on the sign up slips that they are agreeing to be placed on your mailing list).
    1. Donate books for auctions and other local give-aways. It is a great way to get the word out while also supporting good causes.
    2. Find other authors who write books in your genre. Offer to sell his or her books at your events and you can sell their books. It is often easier to promote someone else, and you are serving your readers by introducing them to other authors they may like.
    3. Place a “display only” copy of your book in the waiting room of doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools, even the car wash. Place a sticker on the inside cover explaining how people can order their own copy if they enjoyed this free quick read.

So while it is good to have an online presence to market your books and your message, but we don’t want to forget to build an offline presence as well. What offline presence ideas have you found helpful in building your brand? Please share your ideas.

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Marlene Worrall

January 5, 2017 - 11 : 59 : 53

This is the most helpful advice I have received on offline presence!

Thanks so ,much.

Are you attending the Mt. Hermon. Christian Writing conf. 2017?


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