Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer, here, from snow-covered Colorado. That’s me waving in my black earmuffs and black gloves. Everything else is White! I’m excited about visiting today with Carol Award-winning author Kate Breslin about her just-released Far Side of the Sea.

Welcome, Kate. Give us the back-cover copy for Far Side of the Sea.

A shell-shocked WWI British soldier returns to war-torn France after an urgent summons from the sweetheart he’d thought dead. He finds her sister waiting instead, and as the unlikely pair embark on a dangerous quest to find the woman he intended to save, he wonders if he can save himself.

Kate Breslin

Kate Breslin

Wow, I’m already intrigued. What inspired you to write this book?

I was researching espionage details from the war for my second novel, Not By Sight, when I came across some fascinating facts about the world of secret communications—and using carrier pigeons for espionage during WWI. With the idea that I would write a sequel to the Mabry family saga in my newest release, Far Side of the Sea, incorporating the pigeons was the spark that helped me to create Colin Mabry’s story.

Far Side of the Sea by Kate Breslin

Far Side of the Sea by Kate Breslin

Do you have anything specific you’d like readers to have taken in hand after reading this book?

While I hope that my stories entertain and give readers a history lesson without it seeming like a history lesson, it’s always on my heart to share some facet of God’s love. In this story, it’s the idea that our heavenly Father isn’t one to be feared, but to be friended. He is always with us, and we are each unique and equally important in His eyes, and in His unconditional love.

What a powerful message of hope, Kate, that the God of love values each of us. Does this or a similar message thread through all your writing?

I am always drawn to the theme of redemption. The way a character starts with a pre-conceived notion about themselves or others, yet through hardship, often suffering, and finally the epiphany of God’s grace—opens the eyes and heart to Truth, filling them with hope in the form of new purpose and self-acceptance.

A great concept for readers to glean from fiction and incorporate into their lives. Has writing such fiction impacted your own relationship with Christ?

I’ve been writing for many years, but it wasn’t until I finally heeded the quiet Voice inside that kept nagging at me to “put good things out into the world” that I began writing stories that mattered, stories that glorify God. Since then, the doors have opened wide, and while publishing can be a roller-coaster ride of thrills and challenges, I feel God always by my side, giving me courage, inspiration, and strength.

I like how you put it – “stories that mattered.” Does that play into why you write this genre?

I love writing historical fiction because I’m constantly fascinated at the cleverness and innovation, despite the hardships, of those who lived in the past. I love writing war-time stories because I’m inspired by true tales about ordinary people, who in crisis conditions rise to do the extraordinary.

Speaking of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, are there other ministries besides writing Christian fiction that you are involved in?

I’m passionate about the sanctity of all human life and I work through the Respect Life group from our local church. I attend annual March for Life rallies and twice a year participate in 40Days For Life (40DFL) a 40-day campaign to pray to end abortion. It’s peaceful, non-denominational, and held all over the world, with the spring campaign beginning March 6.

When you’re not writing, what do you read for pleasure?

I love reading nearly all genres, but historical romance is probably my favorite. Recently, I finished the first in Kristi Ann Hunter’s A Noble Masquerade, which was delightful. Currently, I’m listening to the audiobook, Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson, and so far the story is riveting!

What about hobbies or activities?

I love to cook when I have the time and in summer, I enjoy puttering in my rose garden. I also have fun making my own vinegars and oils, using herbs and other ingredients and I give them as gifts to my friends.

It sounds like creativity propels you in many areas. Tell us about your next project.

The next connecting story I have planned is another WW1 tale of intrigue and adventure, this time featuring Scots RAF pilot Alex Baird, best friend to Simon Forrester from High As The Heavens.

Thank you, Kate, for sharing your insights and faith with us today.

If you’d like to read more about Kate Breslin and her historical fiction, visit Kate’s website. Thanks for stopping by today. And may all that you read be uplifting.

Davalynn Spencer

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4 thoughts on “A Chat with Author Kate Breslin

Susan G Mathis

March 7, 2019 - 08 : 03 : 41

Can’t wait to read it.


    Kate Breslin

    March 7, 2019 - 16 : 34 : 15

    Susan, thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy the story!


Yvonne Ortega

March 7, 2019 - 15 : 39 : 08

Thank you, Davalynn Spencer, for an interesting interview of Kate Breslin about her book, Far Side of the Sea. Kate, you are a talented and creative woman in many areas.

Thanks again, Davalynn and Kate.


    Kate Breslin

    March 7, 2019 - 16 : 35 : 43

    Yvonne, I appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. Thank you!!


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