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Debbie W. Wilson

Merry Christmas from Sarah Sundin! Today I have the joy of interviewing author, Bible teacher, and biblical counselor Debbie W. Wilson! The message in her new book, Little Faith, Big God, sounds perfect for Christmas—especially in 2020!

Welcome, Debbie! Please tell us about your book Little Faith, Big God.

Little Faith, Big God digs into the lives of those in Hebrews 11. God commended these people for their faith, not their striving. They grew like us. Those who tend to be hard on themselves will especially appreciate seeing God’s grace at work in the lives of these biblical characters.

That sounds fantastic! What inspired you to write this book?

Little Faith Big God by Debbie W. Wilson

Little Faith, Big God by Debbie W. Wilson

I enjoy digging into the stories of biblical characters. I found the faith of the believers in Hebrews 11 inspiring. But their backstories in the Old Testament showcased God’s grace. Too often I think we tend to focus on our failures. But through this study I learned God remembers our faith not our flops.

What a unique perspective. I’m sure it was interesting to write. What surprised you the most during the writing of your book?

I thought I was writing a book about faith, and it is, but it ended up being more about God’s grace. I realized anew that we are “saved by grace through faith.” Seeing how God dealt with these people who messed up in big ways magnified God’s grace to me.

How has God used the message of your book in your own life?

I’ve learned to give myself more grace. God appeared to Jacob in a magnificent dream to pass on to him the promise He’d given Abraham. What’s so amazing about this is the timing. Jacob was fleeing for his life after deceiving his father and cheating his brother! We don’t have to scheme to get what God has for us. And when we fall down, He is there to pick us up.

I’m so thankful for that! What’s your favorite section in this book?

A few come to mind. But I think the chapters that show Abraham’s call, growth, setbacks, and final triumph moved me the most. Seeing him offer Isaac had a much greater impact after walking with him in the ups and downs that led to that magnificent moment of faith.

Why do you write this genre?

I was a biblical counselor for 24 years and have been a Bible teacher much longer than that. I enjoy helping people see how the Scriptures relate to our everyday lives. Nothing is new under the sun.

So true! Tell us about your most touching moment with a reader.

I received an email from a college woman who had received my book Give Yourself a Break as a gift. She’d suffered with an eating disorder since middle school. She said she thought it would be her lifelong struggle, but she’d found freedom by going through that book. She’d finished the book months earlier and wanted to let me know the transformation she was still experiencing.

I love that! What a testimony. Are you involved in any other ministries besides writing?

My husband and I have a non-profit counseling, coaching, and teaching ministry. I no longer counsel, but I do some coaching. I primarily lead small group Bible studies. I love using discussion as a way to help people discover and apply biblical truths. I’m also on the board of Knowing God Ministries, a local ministry that equips women to change their corners of the world.

You’re very busy! What talents do you have aside from storytelling?

I enjoy interior design and helping others make their homes more inviting. I’m one who draws energy from a beautiful environment.

What a wonderful gift. And what are you working on now? Please tell us about your next project.

Hebrews 11:34 speaks of those who “from weakness were made strong.” What were their weaknesses? What transformed them? And what can we learn from them? That is what I’m working on now.

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How intriguing! I can’t wait to hear more. Thank you for sharing with us today, Debbie!

To learn more about Debbie and her books, please visit Debbie’s website.

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