Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer

Hello from Colorado’s Front Range. Davalynn Spencer, here, hanging on to my hat in these blustery, wintry days and welcoming author Debbie W. Wilson for an insider’s look at life in authorland.

Debbie, I’m intrigued by your title, Little Women, Big God: It’s not the size of your problems but the size of your God. Can you tell me who I’ll meet between the covers of this book?

You’ll meet the surprising women in Jesus’ family tree as they journey through impossible circumstances and see it doesn’t matter how big of a mess we’ve made in our lives or how much we’ve lost. Little faith in a big God changes destinies.


Debbie Wilson, (NC) Speaking Topics: Biblical Life Skills * Unshakable Faith * Personal Freedom*

Debbie Wilson

That sounds hopeful and reminds me of lyrics in a song by MercyMe: “A little faith is all I have, right now.”

While researching these women and their unique backgrounds, did you discover anything surprising?

Reading the biblical account from the point of view of these women opened my eyes to how hard life was for them. Bathsheba surprised me most. I was thrilled to see how God exonerated and honored her.

Little Women Big God by Debbie Wilson

Little Women Big God by Debbie Wilson

Often, those who write a book are blessed in the writing of it. Has God used the message of this book in your own life?

The month Little Women, Big God released, my doctor thought I had ovarian cancer and sent me to an oncologist. Since I lost both of my parents to cancer, just picturing driving up to the towering oncology building made me feel small and helpless. While I waited two months for surgery, my extended family wanted to know the name of what I had. Was it a benign mass or cancer? If cancer, what stage?

The subtitle of my book, “It’s not the size of your problem, but the size of your God,” reminded me I needed to focus on the size of my God instead of the size of my problem. If my surgery uncovered a giant named cancer it didn’t change God. Jesus is even bigger than death. He is the resurrection and the life.

Thankfully, my mass was benign. But the peace God gave me while I waited reminded me of the difference it makes when we focus on the size of our God instead of the size of our problem.

What a powerful observation – facing a giant named cancer – and hanging on to a God who is bigger.

Are there themes in your writing that you visit over and over again?

I write about what faith looks like in everyday life. I want to help believers give themselves a break from the pressure to perform, achieve, and accomplish, which is all self-focused. The Psalmist tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord. I believe living focused on abiding in Christ and pleasing Him satisfies us and pleases Him.

It sounds like you have deep conviction for writing about Christian living and Bible studies.

My background as a Bible teacher and a counselor for a non-profit ministry provided opportunities to learn not only the biblical ideal of how marriage, parenting, and life should work but also how to navigate circumstances that fall short of God’s best. God knew what each culture would face before we were born and has not left us to grope in the dark. I love showing the relevance of biblical wisdom to everyday needs.

“…how to navigate circumstances that fall short of God’s best.” That certainly speaks to my life and, I imagine, to everyone else’s. Have readers shared any personal challenges with you and the impact your books have made on their life?

I received an email from a college student who said someone had given her a copy of Give Yourself a Break. She’d battled an eating disorder most of her life and had no hope of ever being free. But doing that study had transformed her thinking, her relationship with God, and had set her free. Glory to God!

Authors often find encouragement and inspiration from unexpected sources. Do you happen to have any pets, and if so, do they inspire your writing or hinder it?

I have two standard poodles, Max and Cosette. And yes, they provide insights and examples of spiritual realities, as well as comic relief. Max showed me rascals can be endearing! This helped me when I wrote about the biblical characters Jacob and Samson. He also has Addison’s Disease and another autoimmune illness. His willingness to trust me when I have to give him a shot or have his blood drawn has reminded me to trust my Master when I don’t understand the pain He takes me through.

Is there anything aside from writing that is an important hobby or activity you enjoy?

I love traveling to new places with beautiful and historic surroundings. My daughter works with an airline and lets me join her on fun excursions. Last year we spent time in Rome and the Greek Isles. I also enjoy interior design and sometimes help others with their homes. Audible books entertain or instruct me while I’m on the move or performing mundane tasks.

Debbie, your life sounds full indeed. Thank you for joining us today, but before you go, tell us about your next project, a 2019 fall release.

Little Faith, Big God: Grace to stand tall when you feel small looks at the backstories of the men and women of Hebrews 11 and shows there is only one superhero—Jesus. These biblical heroes were ordinary people who had strengths and weaknesses—like us. Each one teaches a different aspect of faith and showcases God’s grace.

Thank you, Debbie!

Learn more about Debbie W. Wilson and her books at Debbie’s web site and blog.

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