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I’m wearing a crown to celebrate my new release: The One Year My Princess Devotions. I’m thankful for CAN as part of the team that helps me spread the word on new books like this one with retweeting my appearances, having me guest blog, and some group activities that include speaking and signing books at a retailer event.

Being part of a group is valuable in marketing. There’s so much competition with books that it helps to be part of a team. That’s what makes CAN work well, but you can also assemble your own team.

Last month I led a marketing clinic at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers conference. We’ve kept in touch via email and continue encouraging one another.

The mixed group included authors with books already published and ones working on a book and proposal (never too early to start marketing). Everyone learned a lot about marketing and I worked at trying to give each one ideas specific to both her skill set, personality, and book topic. I also brought in Chuck Keiffer, a radio host, to train them in giving a pitch to be on his show and learn tips about being a radio guest.

You may be part of a critique group, but this is a little different. Some members of your critique group may be interested in a second group on marketing. Or, you may meet authors at a conference ready to work on marketing.

Once you have a few others to make a small group, use the time wisely.

  • You can share ideas, tweet for one another, and get excited for each opportunity anyone gets.
  • Share ideas for tweets, blogs, or pitches and help one another polish those.
  • Discuss topics, such as how to connect news events with a book.
  • Follow up to find out what happened. Did one person get on radio and can members listen at the time or find it archived? Share the experience and let others congratulate the member, plus comment or give a little constructive advice for the next interview.
  • Share good blog posts or links on marketing that are helpful.
  • Tweet and FB about one another to expand each person’s network. This can be media interviews, interesting blog post, or tips you can pass on to your followers about your friend’s book topic.
  • Share ideas for where to get articles published
  • Email regularly (weekly/monthly whatever is decided) to share updates and struggles. Your team understands what is happening and can provide support.
  • If you live close to one another consider putting on your own event. I’m part of a critique group that will be holding a holiday book event at a church. We’ll all promote it and participate in activities to make it work well. I’ll even have some princess activities for girls to enjoy that day!

I’d love your comments on how groups have helped you promote books.



Enjoy my new book for preschool girls! Book me for a tea party for Moms and daughters!



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