Inspiration for Writers

Computer Withdrawals


I’m on vacation with my parents and son this week but
brought my laptop along so I could keep up with e-mail, post a lesson for an on-line workshop that I’m teaching, and do my blog posting. Then my computer started doing some really weird things and I had to pack it up for the week. Thankfully my dad let me use his laptop for the posts (thank you God for portable flash drives) but I am silently freaking out about what I’ll do once I get home. In the mean time I’m taking
this as God’s way of telling me that I need to take a vacation from my computer.

As a writer who rarely goes a day without sitting in front of the screen, this will be very difficult. But I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits of . . .

Taking a real vacation, including a vacation from technology

Letting my eyes rest

Letting my brain rest

Having a good excuse not to find something to work on

Spending uninterrupted time with family for an entire week

Possibly coming up with some fresh new ideas

God knows that I need to be forced to do these things sometimes. To top it off, Dad forgot his power chord so once the battery runs out, that’s it. So I have to cut my post short.

So I’ll leave you with a question: when has God forced you to take a break? How did you benefit as a writer? I look forward to sharing what I gain from this.

Maybe you can also say a quick prayer for my computer.