Kathy Collard Miller

Kathy Collard Miller

Greetings from Kathy Collard Miller in the desert of Southern California where we are finally seeing the end of the heat and welcoming cooler weather.

Driving down a California freeway on a superbly beautiful day of fluffy clouds, I just felt very happy. My happiness pressed my foot against the accelerator as I didn’t see the Highway Patrolman until the red lights from his cruiser caused me to pull over to the side of the road.

He came up to my side of the car and asked me questions. Then I said, “I don’t expect you to not write a ticket but my husband will ask me if I told you that he’s a police officer in Huntington Beach.” I gave Larry’s name.

He didn’t smile as he walked back to his cruiser. I was getting a ticket and deserved it.

When he returned, he handed me my license and said, “Next time drive the speed limit.”

I melted in gratitude and said, “Thank you.”

Working my way back into traffic, I was surprised at my reaction. I drove below the speed limit. I wanted to try to find him and shout, “I’m so grateful, I want to obey the law. Thank you for your mercy!”

I’ve never forgotten that because it shouts to me of how growing more sanctified and obedient should come from gratitude for the mercy and grace God gives us. Our connection with Jesus’ saving death qualifies us to avoid the wrath and punishment for our sin that we deserve. And then out of strong gratitude that we have not received what we deserve, we say, “Look, Lord! I’m so grateful I want to show it by obeying you.”

2 thoughts on “I Deserved the Traffic Ticket

Ava Pennington

October 10, 2016 - 08 : 43 : 08

Right there with you, Kathy! Similar experience…and ever so appreciative of the gift of mercy!


    Kathy Collard Miller

    December 3, 2016 - 12 : 36 : 15

    Thank you, Ava, for reading and commenting. It’s so comforting when we know we’re not alone in our circumstances. Blessings to you!


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