Heartbreak Trail by Susan K. Marlow

Heartbreak Trail by Susan K. Marlow

Andrea Carter can ride, rope, and cut out cattle with the best of her brothers’ ranch hands. And now—despite her mother’s objections—she wants to test her skills. As Cook’s helper, Andi learns a cattle drive is a dirty, dangerous business with late nights, balky cattle, mosquitoes, and an abrasive cowhand trying to win her attention. Though weary, Andi determines to stick it out. Then a river crossing goes wrong, and everything changes. Now she must summon all of her endurance to help her brothers get their cattle to market.


Susan never intended to become a published author but is currently the author of 4 series of “wholesome books for kids”: the Circle C Adventures, Circle C Beginnings, Circle C Milestones, and the Goldtown Adventures, where she combines her love of writing with her passion for American history, especially the setting of the Old West. Susan loves to travel around the country to share her books and experiences with other homeschooling families at conventions. The rest of the time she and her husband, Roger, enjoy their 14-acre homestead in north-central Washington State.



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