Aloha from Karen

It’s already Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful today for family (especially my husband who continues to battle breast cancer) and many friends. My family keeps growing-five children and now eight grandchildren.

But I also want to express thanks babout books, including thanks for past rejections and current contracts and for books in general. I’m an avid reader and books opened my mind to many possibilities.

I’m thankful for rejections because they prompted me to try harder and learn the writing craft better. I look back and realize my rejected attempts were not ready. We can feel like we have the perfect book and forge ahead with our ideas when God has a better plan. It’s like choosing to give birth to Ishmael with my own muddled efforts instead of waiting for God to bless me with an Isaac result.

I’m thankful for a new book I’ll be writing for girls because my oldest daughter Rebecca will help write the book. It’s so much fun to do things with my family and I can’t think of anything more fun than writing a book with Rebecca.

I’m thankful for books on writing and marketing that taught me how to write and sell books. As a mathematician I needed the books to teach me a whole new skill set. I’m also thankful for books that make me laugh, cry, and understand the world around me. I’m thankful for books that remind me to dream or inspire me to action.

I’m thankful for editors who taught me so much and believed in me. Some even came to me with ideas and others shared my vision and contracted my ideas.

I’m also thankful for my agents. I have had a few and each helped me focus on what I should be doing as a writer and finding my niche. Each helped advance my career and helped me birth wonderful books.

I’m also thankful for many new friends I’ve made because of writing-readers, other authors, and aspiring writers. It’s been a great journey and I’ve met so many amazing people and people with passion. I continually learn from the

I’m ever thankful to God for the opportunity to write and the blessings of so many book contracts as well as many articles.

Today take a few minutes to be thankful for the people and opportunities God has given you.




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