Marketing Ideas From Cheri Cowell

Cheri Cowell

Social media is an important part of an author’s marketing strategy, but it can also work against an author if you make one or more of these big blunders. To make your social media a real winning strategy, avoid these ten social media mistakes.

  1. Broadcasting the same message across all channels

Different networks require a different tone. People gravitate to a certain platform for a specific type of experience, so don’t post the same thing on Linked-In as you do on Facebook. Those are different audiences and they expect different content and a different tone.

  1. Sharing content that is “off brand”

People have joined your network because they like what you are sharing, but if you go “off the rails” on a regular basis, they’ll get frustrated. Stick to your brand. For instance, I’m a Bible study teacher, but every once in a while I’ll share a cute video, but I am careful to not post political statements because my brand would suffer.

  1. Spreading yourself too thin

Creating a presence on every social platform is all well and good … until you need to manage them. Before trying to over-engage, determine what you can effectively manage and don’t despise small beginnings.

  1. Having Re-tweet Regrets

Sharing a poorly written or error-ridden article — or simply one that misrepresents your actual views — puts you in an unflattering light. Think twice before re-tweeting and re-posting.

  1. Not Choosing Your Friends Carefully

Don’t friend, follow, and collect contacts indiscriminately–check that person’s profile and online content. Also, monitor your newsfeeds and don’t be afraid to block or delete “friends.”

  1. Falling Victim to “Tagging”

If you are social media friends with some less-than-discreet people who go tag-happy after a couple of drinks or have a tendency to toss “inside jokes” out where they don’t belong, you need to ask them politely not to tag you. You can also adjust your settings so that anyone who tags you in a picture has to ask for permission first.

  1. Being Too Clever For Your Britches

My grandmother didn’t know about social media, but she did warn me about being too clever for my own britches. Just because you think you’re being clever doesn’t mean everyone else does. Check your clever comments to see that they do indeed come off as clever rather than silly or snarky.

  1. Not responding appropriately to negative feedback

Negative feedback is going to happen. Rather than avoiding, use these situations as opportunities to respond thoughtfully and promptly. But sitting on a negative comment until you’ve prayed about your response is always a good idea.

  1. Promoting your products … constantly

There’s a time and place for promoting your books. However, social selling is all about building relationships and trust that will ultimately lead to sales. So don’t abuse the platform by using it as billboard or commercial.

  1. Being inconsistent

Do you have a schedule for when and how often you post? The best way to be consistent in your social media marketing is to have a strategy in place. If it is once a week or once daily–do it–and do it consistently.

Avoid these 10 social media mistakes and you will have a winning social media presence.

Cheri Cowell is the author of a new devotional book, 365 Devotions for Peace, released in December from Zondervan. Her Bible study  Parables and Word Pictures in the AMG Following God Bible study series is a favorite in bookstores everywhere.

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