Marketing Section of a Proposal Part 3

Karen Whiting
Karen Whiting

Aloha from Karen Whiting

The last two posts I wrote talked about what to put in a proposal on marketing in relation to the key areas of

  • Social Media
  • Online presence
  • Print materials
  • Media
  • Speaking

Let’s talk about how to present the marketing ideas.

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By the Numbers

Ava Pennington
Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, all! Ava Pennington here from sunny Florida…well, mostly sunny Florida. The afternoon rainstorms have finally started, to the residents’ joy and the tourists’ chagrin!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between words and numbers in the publishing industry. I’m a writer, not a mathematician. I love words – their structure and style, their rhythm and rhyme. I enjoy alliteration and onomatopoeia. I’m drawn to the images that words evoke. Numbers…not so much. Still, serious writers know that publishing—even Christian publishing—is a business. And business is often about the numbers.

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Ready for Whatever

DSC_0458[1]Hello from Jeanette. This time next week I’m be on my way to the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference. I am taking a big step this year. For the first time ever, I am not pre-submitting any manuscripts or packing proposals to pitch. I am literally just going to learn and seek God’s direction. The other night, the idea of doing this felt scary. It seemed irresponsible in a way. Now, however, I see my choice as very responsible, because I am doing what God has been nudging me to do.

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Ups and Downs of Acceptances and Rejections

Aloha from Karen Whiting, CAN treasurerKarenBookSigning

Yesterday I received news that a promised contract arrived and news that another proposal had been rejected. In reality, the current contract is all I can handle well so that’s okay with me. But there’s a story behind the responses and reasons why the contracted book received a comment from the editor, “This is the best book proposal I’ve seen this year.”

As a member of CAN I’m often hearing news of acceptances and rejections friends receive. That’s normal in this industry. The acceptances increase as authors gain experience and learn to market better and write better.

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Creativity + Focusing

Aloha from Karen, CAN TreasurerDSC_5017_3

So far this had been a crazy year for me with lots of writing (contracts) and lots of family activity. And then I cracked a rib sledding with one of my grandsons. In the midst of it all someone asked how I can keep up, be creative, and focus on writing with lots going on (plus pain).  I’ll chat about that today.