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The last two posts I wrote talked about what to put in a proposal on marketing in relation to the key areas of

  • Social Media
  • Online presence
  • Print materials
  • Media
  • Speaking

Let’s talk about how to present the marketing ideas.There should be a header called Marketing.

Under the header use bullets to list each marketing activity you plan to employ to promote the book. Here is a sample of a few bullets from my newest release:

The One Year Devotions for Active Boys by Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting

The One Year Devotions for Active Boys by Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting

SAMPLE: Marketing Ideas, Include:

  • Book and author campaign to target television, radio, print and Internet. Authors are experienced with media.
  • In store and in-church events will be created. Whiting has done this for her God’s Girls series.
  • Speaking platform—the authors have existing databases in place for potential speaking opportunities, and will develop this even more for this project.
  • Parenting seminar will be developed to help parents of boys encourage their son’s spiritual development.
  • Event tools—Event kits will be provided to coordinators. This will create selling opportunities at the book tables and even after the conference as attendees tell others about the book and about the author. Word of mouth buzz will be created once attendees are exposed to the authors and the book at these events.

Next, you can elaborate on a few key marketing tools. These are ones you hope to focus on or expect might bring good results.


They should be listed in the bullets already, but will expand the idea to more than a simple sentence.This section doesn’t have to go into details, but just add a little more idea of what will be offered. So, for in-church events I explain more of the plan.

SAMPLE: Specific Marketing Projects to Consider

In-church events

Currently, Whiting continues to do in-store events for girls and is developing an in-church all day seminar for girls that will launch in June 2009. In-store and in-church events to excite boys about the book will create a buzz and help tap into the home school community. This will include flyers, a plan of activities for the day, handouts to reproduce, and supplies needed.

 WHY it matters

Displaying the ideas with bullets and then explaining a few of the ideas shows how you will promote the book. That can get an editor excited and even inspire them to come along side you with their effort. Because I mention how much media I’ve done in the past my publishers are good at sending out review copies to media. When I talk about events and personal appearances and mention ideas for catchy bookmarks the publishers usually collaborate and print the bookmarks.

Be prepared to follow through on the marketing ideas because it’s a commitment you make with your proposal.

I had included ideas to reach out to media and lined up over a dozen interviews for the first several weeks since the release. We are having review copies of the book sent to some churches already contacted about the idea.

Nature Girl: a guide to caring for God's Creation by Karen Whiting

Nature Girl: a guide to caring for God’s Creation by Karen Whiting

You can build on other books and other marketing. I set up seminars churches could do on their own (with handouts that gave a schedule and tips) and will do something similar for this book. I’ll be taking photos at seminars held to add to a Pinterest board. Editors look at what they can see that shows you do follow through on your ideas and that is weighed as they make decisions about contracting a book.

You can check part 1 and part 2 of the marketing section of a proposal.

Get your mind rolling and generate some great ideas.


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