DSC_0458[1]Hello from Jeanette. This time next week I’m be on my way to the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference. I am taking a big step this year. For the first time ever, I am not pre-submitting any manuscripts or packing proposals to pitch. I am literally just going to learn and seek God’s direction. The other night, the idea of doing this felt scary. It seemed irresponsible in a way. Now, however, I see my choice as very responsible, because I am doing what God has been nudging me to do.

The writing life is full of scary steps, starting with sending off that first submission. Attending a writer’s conference with nothing in hand feels like one of those scary steps. I’m used to having a plan beyond that. But it is also exciting. Instead of waiting on an editor’s yes or no or a critiquer’s praise I’m waiting on God, who must have something to say to me if He made it so clear that He wanted me to do things differently this year. After an exhausting year, I have permission to relax and take in something new—to be taught, inspired, and encouraged instead of being the one doing the teaching. Not that I don’t love giving in that way. It’ll just be nice to be on the receiving end. I am officially ready for whatever God has waiting.

What is God asking you to do that feels scary or different? How might obeying Him benefit you? Ask Him to make you willing . . . and excited about the adventure.


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