What Do I Get From CAN?


What Do I Get From CAN?

How much will you get out of CAN?

As much as you’re able and willing to put in. Members are encouraged to join in the adventure as we spread the word about great Christian books.

Our focus is on member services, retailer support and reader connection. What that means for you is:

• CAN will highlight your new book releases on our blog and get others excited about your work. Our blog also regularly posts book reviews of CAN authors.
• You will be invited to participate in multi-author, regional events that maximize your time as you connect with bookstores and readers.
• You will be invited to participate in the CAN blog, as well as the Yahoo group and Facebook page, where helpful discussions ensue.
• You will also have access to CAN’s great reader-friendly website, where you can direct authors, readers and retailers to learn more about great books by CAN authors.
• You will have the opportunity to post a link on the CAN website to the Speaker page of your own website.
• CAN’s marketing and promotion experts will share a variety of tips and offer networking opportunities.
• You can connect with other CAN authors in your region and across the nation.
• Your publishing announcements will be posted on the CAN Facebook page and Twitter account.
• You will have the opportunity to participate in a mini-marketing makeover on the CAN Loop, where CAN members will focus on your particular marketing need.
• You will be able to participate in the CAN partnership with The Book Club Network.
• CAN has also established a partnership with the Munce Group, giving increased exposure to our authors through Munce events and the Munce More to Life Magazine.
• You will have the opportunity to participate in multi-author activities related to CAN’s partnership with CBA, such as our recent presentations at ICRS.
• CAN offers monthly webinars for our members on various marketing topics.
• CAN will work to encourage and strengthen retail/author relationships.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to benefit from CAN membership…and many ways for you to benefit others as you serve in our cooperative organization!