Greetings from Golden Keyes Parsons here in East Texas on a drizzly, cold January day. I am always delighted and excited when I am on my way to a speaking engagement, but with the weather we’ve had the past few weeks, along with the rest of the country, I’m rather relieved I don’t have to travel anytime soon.

So let’s continue with the last of our Speaker Don’t’s:

1. DON’T mention denominations or label cults. Even if you are speaking at a particular denomination’s event, you never know the background of those present, or of guests attending. Just preach and teach Jesus, and you’ll be fine.

2. DON’T make derogatory remarks. Things like "You’re not going to like what I’m going to say," or "Most of you probably won’t do what I’m going to suggest." Keep it positive. Instead say something like, "What I’m going to say may or may not be new, but it’s exciting … and I know you can do it!"

3. DON’T laugh at your own humor. It’s good to start out with a cute or humorous story, but if you start to laugh yourself, at least pull the microphone away from your mouth so it’s not recorded. I learned this the hard way! 🙂

4. DON’T chase rabbits! Know that take-away, and keep your points focused working toward that goal. It doesn’t matter how cute the story is, if it doesn’t move the talk forward, refrain from telling it.

5. DON’T hold a private conversation with someone in the front row. If a question is asked, be sure you repeat it for the rest of the audience and for the recording. Nothing is more irritating to an audience than to have been cut out of the communication.

The whole country is under a cold spell, so stay warm and get ready for those spring speaking engagements. Here’s a suggestion for these dreary days … curl up in front of the fire with my latest novella, Broken, The Woman Who Anointed Jesus’s Feet. See you next month!  www.goldenkeyesparsons.com



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