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What a difference a few feet can make. After
writing at the kitchen table for several years, I upgraded to my very own desk
in our spare bedroom. The move made my work easier but I missed being next to
double windows. I had a great view of the hallway, but I kept wondering how the
desk would fit in that small corner between the two bedroom windows. Last month
I finally made the switch—and now that I have a window on the world, I’m seeing
some interesting things…

Last week I was busy researching Scriptures
and writing devotionals for a new book. Suddenly I heard a tap, tap, tap. I
looked out the window to my left and saw a red-headed woodpecker hammering away
at the maple tree just outside. Hmm, I
thought, I know how that feels. When
I spend long days pounding away at the keyboard, it can begin to feel like I’m knocking
my head against something hard but not getting much in return.


Then a movement from the other window caught
my eye. Two squirrels were chasing each other as they ran circles up a tree in
the front yard. That’s what I need more
I thought. I realized that it had been quite a while since I’d taken
time to simply play.


I’ve always been amazed at how much of life
comes down to balance. To keep our body healthy, we need a balanced diet with
the right amount of calories burned versus calories consumed. A healthy
relationship needs the right balance of give and take. In our spiritual life we need to balance our awareness of grace
with the disciplined life that God calls us to.


As writers we may be tempted to pass up
opportunities for socializing and play to squeeze in more study or research
time, a few more pages of that first draft, another couple of hours marketing.
We get unbalanced and act like a woodpecker all the time. But sometimes we need
to act a little squirrelly. That’s why I’ve made plans to meet a friend later
this week. Nothing fancy—we’ll probably just spend a couple of hours being nutty.



One thought on “A Balancing Act

Stephanie Shott

April 6, 2010 - 14 : 33 : 06

Hi Diane,
I’m always amazed at how the Lord often puts His children on the same page. I’m doing a blog series on “Leading Ladies” and today’s post is “Leading Ladies and the Balancing Act.”
I dealt with a few different issues, but your post offers another area in need of balance if we’re going to become the ‘Leading Ladies’ we were created to be.
Great post! It made me smile! In fact, now I need to go play. 🙂

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