Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer, here, welcoming you to someplace cool and relaxing and out of summer’s heat while we visit with veteran author, Martha Rogers.

Martha, it’s so good to talk to you today. Please tell us a about your featured book, Biscuits and Bones. I’m intrigued by the title.

This book is about a young woman who loves animals and came up with the idea for a pet bakery and store specializing in organic, wholesome, homemade treats for pets. She is also the owner of a Black Lab named Max. The hero is an uptight, proper lawyer who is suddenly in charge of a seven-pound Yorkie when his mother is hospitalized. Sparks fly when they meet and clash over their pets. With their mothers in matchmaking mode, they don’t stand a chance, but they learn lessons in love along the way.

Martha Rogers

Martha Rogers

What fun contrasts and unexpected obstacles. How did you come up with such a unique idea for this story?

I was inspired to write this book because all three of our sons and all of our grandchildren have dogs and cats for pets. They are true members of the family and well-loved. I found recipes for homemade pet treats on the internet and decided that would be a fun theme for a book.

Biscuits and Bones, by Martha Rogers

Biscuits and Bones, by Martha Rogers

Was there anything that surprised you in your research?

I was most surprised by the number of recipes available for pet treats. I had no idea people would go to such great lengths to pamper their pets. The loyalty and love of pet owners truly inspired me.

It’s like asking which pet is your favorite, but I’ll risk it – do you have a favorite scene in the book?

My favorite scene or interaction of the book involves Max, the huge Lab, and Daisy, the yappy Yorkshire. They have such fun together, and almost seem to talk to each other.

As you worked on the book and discovered more about your characters, did you also discover a predominant theme running through the story?

My tag line explains the recurring theme in the majority of my books, and that is reconciliation. It may be reconciliation between characters or between a character and God. That reconciliation may involve forgiveness, a return to faith, or the building of trust.

I love writing because it allows me to use my vivid imagination to create stories to touch hearts with spiritual truths faced by ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

Is there a special time you’ve shared with a reader that you wouldn’t mind sharing here?

My most touching moment with a reader came because of a magazine article I wrote about my brother who was in prison for sexual molestation of a minor. I had to learn to forgive him and wrote an article about my journey to forgiveness. While visiting a brother-in-law in Arkansas, we went to church with him and his wife. She introduced me to her friends. One recognized my name and pulled me aside to tell me the effect my article had on her and her relationship with her brother. She’d been so ashamed of him and the fact that he was in prison, but my article opened her eyes to her own sin of being unforgiving. We both had tears in our eyes. If that article only touched that one woman, it was worth every minute of time I spent on it.

What an inspiring occurrence. Sometimes as an author, it’s easy to overlook the importance of article-writing opportunities to reach people who may never read our novels.

Are there other ways you share your message and love of the Lord with people?

I’ve been involved in many ministries in my 82 years of life. Presently I teach a class on Sundays to a group of women my age and teach nutrition and wellness to a group of ladies on Tuesdays as a part of the First Place 4 Health organization. These women are precious to me, and I love sharing my knowledge with them in hopes it will encourage them in their daily walk. I sang in choirs for close to seventy years from a child through adulthood and only recently took a leave of absence after singing for 59 years in our church choir. My husband and I also served as youth leaders for twenty-four years. I suppose you could view my volunteer position with ACFW as a ministry. I love writing devotionals and pray they encourage and inspire our members to persevere in their journey.

Since most authors are, by nature, readers, what genres do you enjoy reading when you’re not creating your own storyworlds?

When I’m reading for pleasure, my first choice will always be mystery and suspense. Whether it’s a cozy mystery, romantic suspense, or thriller, I’ll reach for them first. A few of our fellow authors are known to keep me up reading well past mid-night because I can’t quit turning the pages. I just tried my hand at cozy mystery, and had a lot of fun with it. And I just finished reading a book by Christy Barritt, Deadly Undertow.

With your blessing of years full of reading and writing, do you have any endearing memories related to libraries?

My favorite library memory came when I was a child. I was around six or seven the first time I was taken to the library. A building with a huge room containing shelf after shelf of books amazed me, and I couldn’t wait to get my card. I still remember the excitement I had that day. I took home as many books as were allowed on a card every week and devoured them. I took my boys to the library at an early age and made it a weekly trip until they became teenagers and got so involved in sports.

Clearly words have played an important part in your life as you raised your family and found your place of service and enjoyment. I’m not surprised that you have more books planned. Please tell us about your next project, Top of the Hill.

This is a novella in a collection set in a Lodge in Colorado. The Lodge is nicknamed Hotel Amore because of all the couples who seem to fall in love there. Kaitlyn is the events manager for the lodge and the hero is a new ski instructor. He’s also the one who jilted her and ran off to join an Alpine Skiing Competition team. She finds her love for him returning but not the trust or the forgiveness needed to make their relationship work.

Top of the Hill sounds like another winner, Martha. Thank you so much for joining us today.

To learn more about Martha Rogers and her books, connect with her at her website or her blog.

And may all that you read be uplifting as you stay cool and safe this summer!

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Martha Rogers

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Thank you, Davalyn for having me as a guest. I shared the blog on my Facebook page and heard from so many friends about how much they enjoyed reading it.


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