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Sarah Sundin

Greetings from Sarah Sundin in smoky California. Today I have the joy of interviewing one of my best friends! Sherry Kyle and I met at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference over a decade ago and have grown up together as authors. Sherry’s award-winning writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, is filled with creativity, warmth, and a genuine heart for girls of all ages.

Welcome, Sherry! Tell us about your latest book.

Sherry Kyle

Sherry Kyle

Packed with 15-weeks’ worth of devotions, relatable stories, Scriptures, and over 50 fun activities & crafts for girls ages 8-12, the True Heart Girls Devotional: God’s Promises for Me helps tween girls get a solid foundation for growing up they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

I just received my copy, and it’s absolutely adorable! Almost makes me wish my daughter was still a tween. Almost. Sherry, why did you write this book?

God's Promises for Me by Sherry Kyle

True Heart Girls Devotional: God’s Promises for Me by Sherry Kyle

I wrote True Heart Girls Devotional: God’s Promises for Me! because I wanted girls to know about the promises God gives us in the Bible while having a lot of fun interacting with the book. There are stories, games, recipes, crafts, and journaling pages that will point girls to God’s word and help them dig deeper into each promise.

What was your greatest challenge in writing this book?

The greatest challenge in writing the book was putting the Bible stories from the life of Jesus in chronological order while having them fit with each promise. But God is good and he showed me how alive and active his word truly is.

What’s your favorite section in this book?

My favorite section was creating the true heart girls. Lauren loves sports and her grandparents. Brianna has a sweet tooth and enjoys watching TV. Emily plays piano and has a stepmom. Jessica has a little brother and a mean neighbor. Savannah is challenged with school and prays her parents will go to church with her. I really enjoyed weaving these true heart girls stories throughout the book.

I think the stories of these friends will really draw in the girls reading this devotional. Now, what would be your ideal writing place? And…what’s your actual writing place like?

My ideal writing place is a coffee shop—or my office! Last fall, our contractor turned a second story front porch into my writing space. It’s six feet deep and eighteen feet long, complete with a Dutch door and a small balcony. I have plenty of bookshelves, a small couch, a desk and French office chair, as well as decorative tile and a chalk-painted cabinet. I loved designing my space and I am very grateful for it.

I’ve seen the pictures, and it’s wonderful! When did you first recognize God’s call to write for Him?

God called me to write when my children were small. I wanted to work from home and create books that honored the heritage my parents gave me, as well as my personal decision to follow Christ. The call to write was confirmed when I took writing courses through the Institute of Children’s Literature, as well as from the positive feedback from many mentors I’ve had over the last decade at the Mount Hermon Writers Conference.

Tell us about your most touching moment with a reader.

I was one of four authors at a book signing event. We all wrote in different genres and were placed in the back of the bookstore. We only had a handful of people waiting for us to speak, but there sitting in the second chair from the left was a girl hugging my book to her chest with the sweetest smile on her face. At that moment, it didn’t matter if I was meeting one girl or a thousand. God had placed her in my life that day and that is all that mattered. I loved signing that book. And I know, from what she shared with me, that it mattered to her too.

I love that! Everyone struggles with time management in our 24/7 world. How do you stay disciplined and meet your deadlines?

So far, I’ve never missed a book deadline. I’d rather write every day, then save it all to the last minute. (I wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of stress.) That said, it’s not always easy to sit and write when life takes over. What has helped me is to give myself permission to write poorly in order to get words on the page. I can always edit!

That’s the way to do it! What are your hobbies or activities or passions outside of writing?

I live by the coast in California and love decorating my beach home and looking at real estate. You can find me searching the Internet for the latest house trends, chalk painting my furniture, and helping friends design their rooms. I also wear a Fitbit and go for walks every day while listening to Audiobooks. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re listening to a good book!

Sherry, tell us about your next project.

My next project is Book 2 in the True Heart Girls Devotional series about finding joy and peace by relying on God and fixing our thoughts on what he says is important from Philippians 4:4-10, such as what is true, honorable, right, and pure.

Your readers are in for a treat!

To learn more about Sherry and her books, please visit Sherry’s website and Sherry’s blog.

Writing for Him,

Sarah Sundin

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