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Do you consider yourself an expert? As a speaker and writer, like it or not, we are seen as experts. Wearing the expert mantle takes some getting used to, but if we want to carry the message that's been placed in our hearts into a world full of 'experts' on just about everything, we need to get comfortable fast. Here are some things to consider in hanging out your expert shingle.

First, experts are seen and heard in a variety of places. They are seen on television, in magazines, and online. They are heard on radio, T.V., and at conferences. Experts have websites and books and articles. Experts speak and write on their topic. Have I described you?

Second, experts are quoted. If you've written and spoken on a topic you can be quoted. You are an expert. Register at these sites so you can be the next 'expert' quoted: expertizing.com, guestfinder.com, PRLeads.com, and AuthorsAndExperts.com.

Lastly, experts speak. And if they are also Christians, they believe the message they have to share can change people's lives. Now don't confuse the word expert with know-it-all. No one wants to hear from a know-it-all Christian, but if someone has published our message in an article or book, then we know more about that subject than the average person. We are experts. Register at this site to let others know you are an expert speaker: ExpertsWhoSpeak.com

Next month I'll share more ways to grow your expert status.

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