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Commas should be used to set off interjections. Examples:

“Well, I don’t like to brag, but my last book sold twenty copies.”

“Why, I can’t even imagine that kind of success.”

“Hey, I meant twenty thousand copies.”



car pool/carpool

car pool (noun): an arrangement in which a group of people commute together by car, or the group entering into such an arrangement

carpool (verb): to participate in a car pool



Don’t confuse the reader with pronouns that are unclear or ambiguous. Example:

“When Lori and Jan entered the room, Gayle noticed her right away.”
Which woman did Gayle notice?

Avoid using the pronoun it in confusing contexts. Example:

“As Allison drove her car up to the service window, it made a rattling sound.”
Does it refer to the car or the window? Rewrite to something like:

“As Allison drove up to the service window, her car made a rattling sound.”

“Audrey reached for her glass and drank it in one gulp.”
In this sentence, the it refers to the glass, and she didn’t drink the glass in one gulp.



bookstore (one word)

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