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CAN Book Feature: Drawing Closer to God by Dianne Neal Matthews

Drawing Closer Drawing Closer to God

Dianne Neal Matthews

The Bible is full of questions asked by God, Jesus, ordinary people, Satan, and even a donkey. Some are questions that we wrestle with but are reluctant to voice. Others are asked to comfort, to convict, or to reinforce spiritual principles. Drawing Closer to God: 365 Daily Meditations on Questions from Scripture explores 365 of these questions and shares practical application that can help deepen our relationship with God and strengthen our daily walk.


There’s Only One Superman

Happy summer greetings from Bonnie Leon


I just finished a manuscript and turned it into my publisher. The usual rush toward a deadline plus unexpected adventures from life wiped me out. I’m still trying to recover. I have a new book, Touching the Clouds, releasing, so now comes the book launch and all that it entails. I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about it. There is so much to do.



A happy Monday to you from Bonnie Leon.

OCW Conf -- 2009001 Signs of Christmas are everywhere and gift ideas have been tumbling through my mind. What should I get for my husband, children and grandchildren? I’ve also been thinking about the greatest gift of all—Jesus Christ. What must it have been like to be Mary when she looked upon her son, God’s son? The Christ child lay in her arms only because she’d bowed her will to God. When she chose to obey did she know the sacrifices and heartache that lay before her?