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Cheri Cowell

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To borrow a well-known phrase, to launch a successful book requires a village (or team). My first book launch party was the most successful author event the manager at my local Borders Bookstore had ever seen with 45 people in line at one time. Today there are more options for launching a book, so a team is needed more than ever. Here is a list of who you should look for when creating your team.

1. Autograph parties are not only done at bookstores today. Think outside the box and find someone who loves people, events, and parties.

2. Blog Tours are another opportunity to celebrate your launch. You’ll want someone to lead this who is good at details and working online.

3. Actual Book Tours work well for authors who don’t mind spending a few weeks on the road. The coordinator for this tour needs to be someone who understands how churches work behind the scenes and who can facilitate the booking of you as a speaker/teacher/Bible study leader/book club presenter.

4. Facebook and other social media is a great place to celebrate your launch. Choose someone who understands soft promotion and who loves social media as a tool for getting your message out.

5. Whether you use Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or another contact management program, a lauch is a great time to mobilize all your fans to purchase the book,¬†write reviews, and tell their friends. You’ll need someone to create an eye-catching newsletter and perhaps do a little data-entry for you.

Begin six months ahead and use a group email or a conference call to gather your team. They will benefit from bouncing ideas off each other. Set deadlines and timelines and then set follow-up calls so your team can connect as your launch draws near. Following your launch be sure to hold a thank you event for your incredible launch team.

Cheri Cowell is the author of several books including the AMG Bible study Parables and Word Pictures and her new book Living the Story: Reaching Outside the Church Walls. She also helps authors through her publishing company Visit Cheri at