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A Note from Carol

Carol McAdams Moore
Carol McAdams Moore

Last month, I posted about Seven Benefits of Bookmarks. Today I want to share some additional ideas for using   bookmarks. These ideas are particularly geared to retailers, but some could be used by authors as well.


To many of us, bookstores are like candy shops. There are so many wonderful choices, and it is difficult to see them all. How can a simple bookmark guide a book lover to that perfect book on the shelf? Here are seven ways that might be accomplished.

  1. A Meet and Greet – Positioning an employee with bookmarks near the entrance of the store to greet customers is an effective way to get the word out about a new release, a featured book, or a book signing. Offering the bookmark and a short explanation is all that is needed. The idea is communicated.
  2. A Bookshelf Giveaway – Place a container or display sleeve of bookmarks by the featured book. It will draw the customer’s eye and offer a tangible reminder for those wishing to think about the purchase for a future visit.
  3. A Bookshelf Suggestion – Some books fit into more than one category of a store. A children’s devotional might fit into the children’s display as well as on the shelves of devotionals. The same title might be displayed in both areas, or a display sleeve of bookmarks with a sign can link the locations in a store.
  4. A Counter Display – It is impossible to see every book that a store offers. Placing bookmarks and a few copies of the featured book on a counter display near the checkout encourages a closer look or, at least, a take-home reminder.
  5. An Addition to a Purchased Book – Place a bookmark in each book that is purchased. It might be a bookmark for the purchased title or for a different title.
  6. A Simple Bag Stuffer – Every bag that leaves a store is an easy opportunity to pass along a bookmark. Having a variety of bookmarks on hand is a way to get the word out on a number of books.
  7. An Intentional Checkout Giveaway – Everyone likes to get something. Everyone. Think about the family that purchases items. If the items purchased are for the adults, offer a bookmark for a children’s book to each child. If the items purchased are for children, offer a bookmark for an adult’s book to the parent or grandparent.

What ways have you used bookmarks in your store? I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and seeing pictures.