Jeanette Hanscome

Jeanette Hanscome

Happy Monday, from Jeanette. Can you believe it’s already August? Summer has a sad way of whizzing by just as I’m relaxing into its pace.

In June I wrote an article for the CAN newsletter, sharing my plan to enjoy some extra time with my sons while they are out of school. I saw a need to have more balance between work and fun, knowing that Christian will soon say good-bye to his teen years and Nathan is growing up faster than my mommy-heart can keep up with. It has been a challenge but I don’t regret it at all. I’ll admit though, that I caught myself freaking out a bit a couple of weeks ago when I turned in a freelance assignment and realized that I didn’t have another to take its place. But while praying for that next gig I sensed God reminding me of my beginning-of-summer plan to spend more time with the kids. What would I do if I had another assignment? I would dive into it head first while Nathan played with neighbor kids and Christian killed time before heading to his summer job. God clearly knew the flow of work that I needed to keep my promise, and that it required time between jobs. Did I trust Him to provide for our financial needs?

Once I recognized what was going on I stopped panicking and thanked God. He was honoring my desire for this summer while faithfully providing me with work as I needed it. I had a strong feeling that He would send another one just when I needed it. Ironically, He did, just the other day.

Today, thank God for His active role in your career. How has He helped you keep promises to your family or achieve non-writing-related goals while also helping you remain faithful to your calling? When have you realized that He was orchestrating circumstances to keep you on track, in case you change your mind?  

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