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Years ago I listened to the voice of my prayer partner over the voice of God. I believed God wanted me to write, but she said she had prayed and believed I wasn’t creative enough and didn’t believe God called me to write. Soon after, military moves separated us and I lost track of her. Looking back, I know God wanted me to listen to him and not the wrong voice.

We need a discernment to choose what voices to listen to of the many we hear.

Thankfully we have CAN, a group of experienced writers who blog and speak to others about writing, encouraging people to follow the dreams God gives them. As part of the CAN board, we are the voices behind CAN, and we meet monthly to voice our concerns for CAN and discuss new ideas.

And now we have new voices in CAN.

This summer we are increasing our members and opening up to new voices. We have some publishing industry professionals we’re adding to our ranks. These editors, agents, publicists, and other pros will add their voices to the blog to give us wisdom from inside the industry. These are voices I learned to listen to and who helped shape my career and writing.

Some of our faithful bloggers will be changing out and other authors will move in to blog. These collective voices share wisdom about writing, marketing, speaking, and inspiration to help others on their path to publication. We hope you will listen to our voices. Words are powerful and I pray that words in this blog will be helpful and encouraging. Pray for God’s discernment and listen to him above all other voices.

And, if you have something you keep wishing CAN members would blog about or do, please let us know. We want to hear your voices in the comments.



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July 30, 2010 - 18 : 34 : 07

I agree, now we CAN!


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