Carol McAdams Moore

Carol McAdams Moore

I love, love, love when the box arrives from the gal who sells me make up. Yes. I love the product, but I also love the little something extra that is included in the box. It is a a little TLC, just for me, generally in the form of a sample.

Authors can learn from the gift of make up samples.

It is exciting when a reader (or potential reader) buys a book. As authors, we want people to read what we have written. Besides a genuine thank you, we might consider adding a little something extra, that little TLC, that shows the reader we appreciate her. Here are seven things that you might consider tucking inside a box or bag at your next author event.

  1. Bookmarks – Readers need bookmarks. An author can include bookmarks of the purchased book (for the reader to use or to share with others) or bookmarks of other titles that might interest the reader.
  2. Event Flyers – Include a flyer for an upcoming author event in the area. It extends the invitation to the reader for further interaction. Readers want to know the authors who have written books they enjoy.
  3. Speaker Sheets – Often the book buyer has a a related role. For example, the buyer of a teen devotional might be a youth ministry worker. That individual would love to know that the author offers events for children or teens.
  4. A Book Sampler – Readers enjoy reading a sampling of the author’s other books. It gives the reader a chance to see what other titles might interest them.
  5. A Craft Kit – If the purchased book includes crafts or activities, include a small craft kit. Kids and their parents appreciate have the supplies for an activity on hand.
  6. A Recipe – Consider including a recipe that ties into the theme of your book. It creates a feeling a friendship as the reader is drawn to the setting or ethnic background of the book.
  7. A FREE Book – From time to time, give a FREE copy of a similar book. This might be an add-on if the reader buys a certain number of books or a surprise to the Goodreads winners.

It’s your turn. What kind of freebies have you put with your book to show a little TLC to your readers?

Dare U 2 Open This Book & Just Sayin' by Carol McAdams Moore

Dare U 2 Open This Book & Just Sayin’ by Carol McAdams Moore

A Note from Carol:

I have the wonderful privilege of writing books for children and teens. Stop by my CAN Author Page to read about my preteen devotionals Dare U 2 Open This Book and Just Sayin’.

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