Touchable God front cover

Touchable God: Finding Friendship with The Lord Through Prayer
By Jeanette Levellie
Aug. 9, 2016
ISBN: 978-1365261770


Every Christian longs for an intimate walk with the Lord, easily talking with and hearing from Him. Touchable God helps you find the joy-filled relationship with God you crave. Section I contains 20 stories from Jeanette’s own journey in prayer. Written in her warm, casual style, these glimpses into Jeanette’s unpredictable life will encourage you to believe for the Lord’s intervention in your own life. Section II consists of Jeanette’s bold, often poetic prayers for friends in crisis. These Scripturally based prayers will help you approach God’s throne and find the answers you and your friends need during a crisis.


About the Author: 
Jeanette Levellie

Jeanette Levellie

Spunky pastor’s wife Jeanette Levellie has published four books, dozens of articles and stories in Christian and secular magazines, greeting card verses, and calendar poems. Her weekly humor/inspirational column, God is Greater, has been a popular feature in her local newspaper since 2001. Jeanette enjoys speaking to church and civic groups, offering hope and humor in every message. She and her husband Kevin live in Paris, IL. She is the mother of two, grandmother of three, and servant to four cats. Her hobbies include gardening, baking, reading, and avoiding housework. Find her mirthful musings at

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