Review by Vickie McDonough, author of Whispers on the Prairie

The Bride Next Door
pits spunky, down-home Daisy against Everett, a stuffy newspaper publisher.
Daisy longs for a home, family, and roots, but Everett only sees the small town
of Turnabout as a step to bigger and better things.

When the town gossip
reveals a secret, Daisy and Everett are forced into a very inconvenient

Daisy is a feisty heroine who is easy to love and cheer for,
but Everett is prickly and harder to get close to. Winnie Griggs does an
incredible job creating a different kind of hero, who is about as loveable as a
porcupine, but deep down, is chivalrous and big-hearted, even when he doesn’t
always want to be.

The unlikely pair makes for some wonderful conflict and
friction and eventually a true-love romance that only God—or a very creative
author—could design. Don’t miss this wonderful story for a book that is
different but delightful.

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