"GoldenKeyesParsons"Golden Keyes Parsons here, with a red face! Evidently when I "published" my column last month, I neglected to hit the right button to Save it — and it never published! I apologize profusely for that. So I am starting over on this subject of Speaker Do’s & Don’ts. …

1. The NUMBER ONE SPEAKER DO in my mind is to speak on that for which you have a PASSION. Many of the Don’ts we will talk about later can be overcome if you are speaking about a subject that captures your heart and about which you are passionate.

2. Not only do you need to speak from your heart, you need to SPEAK TO THE LISTENER’S HEART. Many speakers are so fearful of offending their audience that they never get to the real issues. I.e. The Women’s Ministry you are speaking to is fractured and struggling. Is the issue bigger and better programs, or is it underlying bitterness and unforgiveness? Don’t be afraid to pinpoint what you sense the Holy Spirit prompting you to address.

3. Make a CHECK-OFF LIST of what you need to take with you. I keep a rolling brief case stocked with items I need: pens, highlighters, Sharpie pens, post-it notes, tape, money bag, thank you notecards, etc.

4. Familiarize yourself with that particular church’s DOCTRINE. One issue that I have to deal with on a regular basis is the fact that I am an ordained minister. As a woman, that flies in the face of some churches’ theology. There’s no need for me to even mention that when I speak. Stick to teaching Jesus and loving the women, and you’ll be fine.

5. Remember the speaker is ALWAYS ON STAGE. The moment that women’s ministry individual contacts you to inquire about an engagement, you are on stage. And from the time you arrive at the motel, retreat center, or church you are on stage. You are going to be in a room with eight other women? Great! There’s nothing worse than a prima donna who comes to speak about the humility of Jesus! 🙂

Next time we’ll talk about some more DO’s. In the meantime, please DO visit my web site at www.goldenkeyesparsons.com. And DO look for my latest book which just released yesterday, "Broken, The Woman Who Anointed Jesus’s Feet."

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