Although human praise for my novels and songs is wonderful to imagine, it can’t compare to God’s "Well done, good and faithful servant" when I reach that day and hour.

In the meanwhile, I rejoice in my belief that God has read my manuscripts numerous times and still gets a kick out of my offbeat sense of humor. I think He enjoys listening to my music, too, even when I feel like giving up on it.

He knows the strenghs and weaknesses of everything I create–better than I do, in fact–and yet He keeps blessing me with fresh ideas and permitting me to think of them as mine. Visit me at www.rogerbruner.com.



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Me in a Nutshell

  • Gentle-spirited servant of God; often with better intentions than follow-through
  • Aged seventy and thankful to be
  • Husband of Kathleen
  • Dad to Kristi, father-in-law to Robert, and grandfather to Robert Austin & Aiden Cade
  • Step-dad to Mo and Trina; step-dad-in-law to Phil; step-grandfather to Jameson
  • Active in church choir, praise team, nursing home ministry
  • Play guitar and sing original songs wherever I have the chance to
  • Write and record Christian songs at home
  • Mission trips to Australia, England, Wales, Romania, and Nicaragua
  • Former English teacher, job counselor/interviewer, and programmer/analyst
  • BA in English/Secondary Education, Frostburg State College (now University)
  • Twelve graduate credits from Salisbury State College (now Salisbury University)
  • Twenty-four credits in computer programming from Chesapeake College
  • Poetry published in three denominational youth magazines and local newspaper
  • Dramatic monologs and short plays published in local magazine
  • Article published in collection Stupid Moments
  • Article published in collection When God Steps In
  • Article published in collection God’s Provision in Tough Times
  • First young adult book, Found in Translation, published by Barbour on 1/1/2011
  • Second young adult book, Lost in Dreams, published by Barbour on 8/1/2011
  • Third novel, a satirical speculative novel, The Devil & Pastor Gus, released on Nov. 25, 2014
  • Fourth novel, Rosa No-Name, prequel to Found in Translation>, released Apr. 2017
  • Found in Translation re-published by Winged Publications, Apr. 2017
  • A Season of Pebbles, previously Lost in Dreams, re-published by Winged Publications, Apr. 2017
  • Overshadowed, published by Winged Publications, Apr. 2017
  • Eight unpublished novels
  • Self-published small book, Yesterday’s Blossoms, in 2014 to showcase some short works (poems, plays, etc.)
  • Self-published second small book, More of Yesterday’s Blossoms, in 2016 to showcase other short works



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