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What Kind of Children’s Book — Part 2

Crystal Bowman
Crystal Bowman

In my last post titled What Kind of Children’s Book? I explained that it’s important for writers of children’s literature to know what subgenre they want to write for. When presenting a proposal to an agent or editor, writers need to know where their book will fit in the market. I discussed three of the primary subgenres: boardbook, preschool picture book, and the standard 32-page picture book.

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Writing for Kids’ Magazines by Crystal Bowman


I meet a lot of writers who want to write for children. They come to writers’ conferences with high hopes of making a connection with an editor from a publishing house who is looking for children’s material. Many of the writers I meet have written good stories. Some are short stories written in rhyme, others are slightly longer stories written in prose. But even though they may be good stories, well written stories, and stories with a strong, age-appropriate message, most of these stories will not be published as books. The hardcover premium picture book is getting harder and harder to publish, and very few houses are actively seeking them. The cost of publishing premium pictures books is high, which makes the selling point high, which makes parents think twice before buying. So what are these writers supposed to do with the gems they have written? Read on.

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Can Bunnies Pray?

"9780310714569--Z"Children’s authors often use animals as the main characters in their stories. Anthropomorphism, also known as personification, is attributing human characteristics to anything other than a human being.

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Tips from the Pros: Crystal Bowman

"Pieper1"A warm greeting from sunny Florida, where fall means
cooler days, shorter nights, and (as my teenage daughters say), choosing the
flip-flops with the wider straps. Today, I have the privilege of sharing an
interview with fellow Florida author Crystal Bowman. I first met Crystal when
we taught together at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, and I’m
delighted to share her words of wisdom today.

How did you get into writing, Crystal?                                

I started writing when I was 10
years old. I loved writing poems—some funny and some serious.

My first professional writing
opportunity (decades later) was an offer to write lyrics for children’s piano
music. That was in 1990. and I am still writing for the same composers.

How many books do you have published?

Around 75—mostly kids’ books,
but also three nonfiction books for women.

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Tips on Writing for Young Children

"025478812--small" Writing for young children is much harder than many writers realize—that is until they try it! As a children's author and freelance editor, I reveiw children's stories that writers hope to publish. I often see the same mistakes being made by different writers, so in today's blog, I will address those common mistakes in order to help writers avoid them. 

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Writing for Children Part 2–Preschool Picture Books


Last time, I posted a blog on Writing for Children (Part 1), and addressed the challenge of writing boardbooks. The next sub-genre in the genre of children’s literature is what I call the preschool picture book. This is not the 32-page picture book with a full plot and story (i.e. beginning, middle, and happy ending). The books in this category are books that consist mainly of word play.

What do I mean by "word play"? Glad you asked.

New Releases

Crystal Bowman’s The Best Thing About My Birthday! 2 New Releases


Two new books by Crystal Bowman are a part of Standard Publishing's Happy
Day Series for beginning readers.
The Best Thing about My Birthday (based on 1 Timothy 6:17) —
Celebrate with Bunny as she discovers what really is important about
Thank You, God, for This Day (based on Psalm 118: 24) — Spend the
day with Kitty as she learns to be thankful for each part of her day.
Crystal Bowman is a best selling author of more than 70 books for children.
She is also a lyricist, poet, and freelance editor for children's writers.Visit her website:
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The Challenge of Writing for Children–Part 1: Boardbooks

"IMG00042-20111027-1317Many writers want to write a children’s book because they think it would be fun. Writing for children is fun, but fun does not mean easy! In fact, the more you learn about writing for children, the harder it gets. Most writers think of the standard 32-page picture book when they consider writing a children’s book, but there are other sub-genres within the genre of children’s literature that writers need to be familiar with.