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Five Tips to Rescue Your Brilliant Idea

Georgia Shaffer
Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer from Pennsylvania

Did you ever have a brilliant idea that later seemed to turn bad? Three years ago I had a great idea for a book. Once I decided to take action and make it a reality, however, I felt at times like it was the worst idea I ever had. We have all had similar moments.

Since my bright idea became a published book (Coaching the Coach: Life Coaching Stories for Transforming Lives), I’ll share five things to remember when a brilliant thought flashes through your mind, and what to do afterwards as you try to bring it into reality.

1.  Write Down Your Idea and Pray About It

Ask God for his direction. Ask people to pray with you and for you. Talk to people you respect and trust and ask for their advice and suggestions about your vision. If you feel God is leading you, then think about the first steps you could take toward making it a reality.

My idea was to compile a book of life coaching stories (think Chicken Soup for the Soul type of book), sharing the wisdom and experiences of gifted leaders in the field of Christian coaching. I prayed about it, and one morning in my quiet time I felt God’s peace to move forward.