Sandra Orchard
Davalynn Spencer, Author

Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer here, digging out from a Colorado spring snowstorm and gearing up for a weekend in the 70s. But in the midst of all this craziness, I’m pleased to introduce author Sandra Orchard and her latest book, Lass and Found.

Sandra, give us a quick thumbnail of your new title.

Sandra Orchard

Sandra Orchard

This is the fourth title in the multi-author series Scottish Bakery Mysteries about former college roommates, who reunite to open a bakery in Loch Mallaig, in Michigan’s UP, a place where the sound of bagpipes fill the air, kilts never go out of fashion, and mysteries surface with curious regularity.

Did anything in particular inspire you to write this book?

I absolutely love to plot whodunits that will keep readers guessing to the very end. For Lass and Found, the characters and setting were decided for me by my editor, but the plot grew out of a desire to write a mystery that didn’t involve a dead body and would incorporate my love of hiking with my dog. I then found clues in the ordinary events and actions of day-to-day life, things we think nothing of . . . until something extraordinary happens. Then each of those little things we did can take on a sinister twist. Read More →