Sundin #D70 ©2008 Linda Johnson Photography web (2)Happy New Year from Sarah Sundin in California! What better way to ring in 2014 than by getting to know Bob Hostetler, author of numerous bestselling and award-winning books. And let’s face it—anyone whose most recent title is Life Stinks…And Then You Die is bound to give us some interesting insights!

CAN Bob HostetlerBob, how did you get into writing?

I was raised in a family of readers and writers. My brothers and I would read cereal boxes at the breakfast table, encyclopedia volumes in the bathroom, you name it. The first time I saw my name in print was in Highlights magazine, when I was around eight years old or so, and from then on I occasionally submitted drawings and writing to various magazines. By the time I became a pastor (at 22), I was writing regularly for publication.

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